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  • I don't know what's happened, I haven't updated or anything, but the last couple of days Google Voice Match keeps popping up on my screen. I'm not pressing anything to prompt it and I can't seem to disable it happening. Anyone else encountered this?

  • Is anyone else getting repeating FB notifications?

    I swipe them away then they almost instantly come back again. Doesn't happen with any other app and on a Pixel 3XL on Android 10 (also happened on previous OS).

  • Just ordered a pixel 3a. Tired of my pixel 1 losing bluetooth connectivity all the time and generally getting slower lately. Hope the 3a is better... I also hope German google store actually sends it to Sweden. Living in a sparsely populated country can be very irritating, at least if you want easy access to google products.

  • I've noticed my 1 getting slower lately too but don't use bluetooth so haven't noticed anything there. Trying to make it survive until the inevitable 4 gets released though (when I can be annoyed they release a 4a 3 months later).

  • It's pretty annoying. I use headphones a lot for music and got some fancy bluetooth ones a while back, which I now can't use.

  • Thanks. Didn't know about that!

    Tried it for couple of days. Not sure I like it, but whatever, it's OK. Probably will get used to it.

  • Has anyone been enticed by, and bought, the Motorola One Vision?

  • What gallery app are people using? I used to use QuickPic but I think it's been bought out and is now shit.

    I'm using the default one at the moment but it just doesn't seem as snappy.

  • I'm not but it looks interesting. Have you tried it?

  • Dunno if anyone else is a Google One subscriber but I got an email about claiming a free Google Home Mini yesterday. Redeemed and all good; you have to have subscribed before 11th September I think...

  • Anyone had a USB connector in a Samsung replaced by someone successfully?

  • Got to say as much as I hate the idea of Google listening to me, I do love our Home Mini. Decent handsfree sound for the kitchen - which is exactly one of those places your hands are otherwise engaged.

    The only negative is I can't be arsed to work out how to pair our spotify accounts to our voices. So my Discover playlists have gone from a solid 9/10 to, at best, a 4/10 on a good week.

  • What's the £200 go to these days?

    Just dropped my Nokia 8 and smashed the screen. I'm out if the country from tomorrow so need something I can pick up on the high street.

    Will check out ismash and see if they can fix it, but I'm not confident they'll have a screen.

  • 21% off on today:

    Celebrate Google’s 21st birthday with 21% off today. Enter code
    B-GOOGLE21 at checkout. Terms apply. Excludes Stadia pre-orders.

  • I can't seem to configure my blackview s8 keyboard to show numbers on a separate row

    Any suggestions? Its generally an annoying albeit cheap phone.

  • How did it go with eGlobal and your Mi9T in the end? Considering it

  • tl;dr it's really good. Probably the best you'll get in this price range, especially if you need a headphone jack and big battery.

    Took two weeks to arrive then another week to unlock the bootloader (if you want to use anything other than Miui you need to wait for a countdown to expire). Installed the pixel experience ROM from XDA and it's been pretty solid. Battery life is around double the Pixel 1 (7-10 hours screen on time), camera is just as good but with more lens options, and it's noticeably snappier (expected, more ram and faster processor). Connectivity speed is about 3x faster on WiFi and 4G. Very premium and solid build quality, glass all around. The included cover is minimal but fits well and has a nice grip to it.

    Negatives: the screen scratches very easily, already got some deep ones from coins and other pocket shit. Nice having a huge screen but it's definitely a stretch vertically, I prefer 5" phones. Fingerprint on front rather than rear is a downgrade too. It sometimes struggles to switch to 4G from WiFi, requiring a dip in and out of airplane mode, but this could be a software issue. Some fiddling required to remove Miui and set up a custom ROM. Popup selfie cam is kinda stupid but also funny to show friends and hasn't caused me any trouble yet.

  • Looking for recommendations for a decent keyboard I can use with a huawei t3 mediapad, ideally one I can likely buy retail in the grim oop north.

    Bonus if integrated into a protective case.

    Can anyone help please?

  • Thanks! Went ahead and ordered it yesterday

  • What widgets do people use? I'm trying to make my phone a bit more 'information' focused than an aimless blind scrolling device

  • Samsung repair bar had to reset my phone. Everything backs up daily to Google.

    When the repair guy restarted it and had me log in I thought it would restore the phone as was from the google backup but seems like it’s restored specific data (eg contacts) but not state (eg biometrics, WiFi passwords, home screen setup).

    Is that normal for android? I think when I’ve changed phones before I use Samsung’s phone switch which did transfer everything.

  • Managed to smash the screen on my Poco which is really pain as I can't use it to back everything up before getting a new phone. Found an old temp phone but no non of the banking apps works as its such an outdated version of Android 6.

    Looking at the MI 9 Lite only £180 any other recommendations for a good mid range phone ?

  • I really like my Moto G7. If you don't need NFC the G7 Power is much better value.

    (although for full disclosure there is an error with my fast charging after using my colleague's off-brand charger which I need to check out)

  • Nokia 7.1 is excellent.

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Android phones, apps and tablets

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