Android phones, apps and tablets

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  • Just tried this but couldn't get it working

  • Almost makes me consider going back to Android when my 6s craps out. I've always kept using all the Google stuff on my iPhone, so would probably be a better experience in many ways. It's just so big, would love to go back to 5 iPhone 5 size.

  • @Tijmen - yeah, it's definitely a little bit bigger than I'd like but the swipe keyboard helps (also available on iOS I believe). I can quite easily type with one hand and I have relatively small hands. Rarely need to touch the top of the screen as the rear (very good) fingerprint reader can pull your notification bar down if you swipe down on it. I am unsure how much this is gonna cost in the UK, but if it's half the price of an iPhone XR, IMO it's a no-brainer for someone already invested in Google infrastructure.

    @TvH - According to the iFixit teardown there is no dedicated DAC, just whatever is onboard the Snapdragon CPU, but I'm more than happy listening to it straight from the jack. I always wanted a bit more musicality from my iPhone. It sounds quite flat by comparison.
    I left my Dragonfly Black USB DAC at home today and plugged my earphones straight into my Dell Latitude E7420 and the comparison is like night and day. The phone sounds fantastic compared to the computer.

  • Has anyone got a Motorola G7 Power?

    I dropped a phone (work one) from between my ear and shoulder, and it landed buttered side down on the road.

    I was considering it as a replacement.


  • yeah, I got one about a month ago.

    biggest annoyance was finding out after spending ~£90 on a massive 400gb sd card (which is listed as supported) the Power model doesn't allow you to expand the filesystem onto the card so it can only use it as ejectable storage.

    luckily for me I mostly use it for photos and google play music offline sync which allow you to put the storage locations on the card still.

    other than that and it sometimes losing connection to the internet through wifi until i toggle wifi on and off it's actually a really nice phone. the fingerprint sensor on the back works well and the battery life and speed seem fine. the quick charge is also stupidly fast.

  • What's currently a good android tablet with a stock/vanilla andoid OS (rather than something a Samsung tablet that uses their own OS). It doesn't have to be top end but enough for the usual web surfing, music, TV/films, kids games etc, etc.

  • What's currently a good android tablet with a stock/vanilla andoid OS (rather than something a Samsung tablet that uses their own OS).

    I struggled with this, in the end settling for a Samsung Galaxy Tab A but use nova launcher to get rid of the Samsung front end.

  • Last Strava update now means it stays above Lockscreen so is displayed ahead of unlock pattern when power button pressed. I'm not sure if or how I activated this, it is v.useful though.

    Can the same be done within Viewranger? I.e. is this a phone or app specific setting I'm overlooking?

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Android phones, apps and tablets

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