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  • mmm... if you're going to be schlepping that thing around, just get a point 'n shoot... You have to connect to it via wifi in order to get live view and that just sounds like a massive faff.

  • I think @photoben mentioned it in the Digital Photography thread

  • The wifi connection is NFC, so theoretically shouldn't be too much hassle. But I'd want to have a play in the flesh. I saw one in duty free last week, but annoyingly the batteries were dead. @dimi3 I'd find a sony store/electronics shop and have a play.

    But you could sell your nexus 4, and for slight more money get a 5?

  • Another option might be the HTC One mini (2), which should have a pretty good camera, and is similar price-wise to the N5

  • @mashton finally broke my lg g2 screen. how was easy was yours to replace?

  • Hello people, I have a problem with my nexus 4 and was wondering if any of you lot could help. The clock on my phone is slow by 7 minuets, I've looked everywhere and can't find how to adjust it manually, I've even switched it off and on. Anyone have any idea on how to fix it?

  • So my S2 died on Monday, I think because of water. Do I have any chance of getting stuff off the memory, or is it likely gone forever?

  • Towards the bottom of the main settings menu there should be a date and time section (under the system subheading), options to change the time will be there

  • Many thanks. That was well easy, I feel a little silly now.

  • No problem, does seem like they're trying to hide it though, putting it right down at the bottom of the menu with a load of stuff most people will probably never touch!

  • My girlfriends hudl is forever and constantly downloading the main hudl update.

    I can't seem to find anything online and all searches keep talking about 'how to download updates' etc. Where as I want to stop downloading the hudl update automatically. I've changed the other ones, but can't find out how to stop the main one.

    Any ideas?

    Rooting is not an option.

  • See if a factory reset solves it?

  • Not easy. I fucked it up and the bit that I ordered was the wrong piece.

    As those paying attention will know, I have another one that is broken and keep meaning to try one of the phone repair shacks in Brixton.

    Loved that phone but it was too easy to destroy.

  • Chrome just updated itself with the material design theme. Looks purdy.

  • I've bought a Oneplus One. Had read up on it a fair bit before buying it (mostly reviews) and it seemed like a good idea. Now reading forum stuff and it seems like a terrible thing to have done.

  • What are the forums saying, I want one.

  • What are the forums saying? I want one.

  • That quality control, build quality and support are shite, that software bugs are being introduced, that the touch screen can't handle multi-touch (apparently a synaptic firmware bug which they're waiting for a fix for), that if you end up with a screen with a piss-yellow bar at the bottom it's supposed to be like that and they won't RMA it, they delay RMAs until you're out of 14 day return for any reason limit and then delay them further until you're out of paypal dispute time...

    Some people are saying theirs are fine though, so we'll see...

  • Hhhmmmm, 'tis cheap though.

  • Yeah, that's why I've gone for it. And all the good things I'd read. Just a bit worried that I won't have any recourse if it turns out to be shit. If you're interested I can let you know when I get an invite.

  • No money right now (or ever really) and I think I'll wait on the next wave of phones first, but cheers.

  • I have my Oneplus One. Touch wood, I've not experienced any of the touch screen/screen colour/anything else shit issues so far. It's massive and pretty cool, hopefully it'll continue to be.

  • Does anyone want an invite for a Oneplus One 64gb?

  • If you had £270 to go with it then yeah.

  • After having my oneplus one for a couple of weeks, I can confirm it's awesome. If you're after a new Android phone (running cyanogenmod as standard) I would definitely recommend it.

    On another note, I've just found out Microsoft are offering 30gb of free storage if you sign up to onedrive, download the app and turn on camera backup. Works on iOS, Windows and Android phones and doesn't appear to have an expiry date so they won't reduce your storage limit after a couple of years or whatever like Dropbox have just done to me. Perfect for all your naked selfies. Turns out if you sign up with a referral code, we both get an extra 0.5gb, so here's mine, if you fancy it:­f3f5d78ef2&invsrc=90

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Android phones, apps and tablets

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