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  • Any number of usb video-capture devices are available, where you'd plug the audio and video out of your existing vhs player and then record it on a computer. Never used one though, so I can't recommend one.

  • Yeah he's retired so has a lot of time on his hands!

  • I've done it in years gone by with some kind of PCI (I can imagine you get USB ones now) card that had inputs for composite video (three phono cables red, white and yellow). Used a scart to composite cable from the video player and some kind of recording software on the PC. Think it came with the card but also seem to remember using VLC.

  • Cheers.

    I'll have a look at cables. A couple of reviews seemed to imply a 2nd hand combo recorder would be easier.

    Also put a couple of snipes on all-in-one units, as I figured that could be easier.

  • What is NF or NFa or NFb on cassette sprockets? Does it identify the model?

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  • All-in-one is much less control over quality, if it matters. I used to have a WinTV pci card >15 years ago and it wasn’t difficult. Contemporary systems will be much easier. If you want to go crazy, look at ElGato type systems used by gamers.

  • Thanks.

    There are similar looking devices on amazon for ~£25 so will probably go that route.

  • Does it identify the model?

    If I had to guess, I'd say the suffix identifies the tooling, of which there will be multiple sets for high volume items, either concurrently or sequentially. There are also codes which differentiate sprockets with the same tooth count depending on which sprocket is next in the sequence, e.g. there are two different 17T 5600 sprockets depending on whether the adjacent smaller sprocket is 15T or 16T.

  • What are the current go to brake pads for rim brakes for winter?

  • Have been doing similar this week, using a cheap usb capture device.
    Use virtual dub to capture the video to avi and then ending up with an mp4.
    VHS video is pretty low resolution to nothing too fancy is needed to capture the signal.
    I used one of the below in conjunction with a scart converter.­CA-SCART-Adapter/dp/B0035XB4Z4­tal-converter/vdhahbywcep4vsw

  • Swiss Stop.

  • Koolstop salmon.

  • Could it be code for the year and month of production?

  • Could it be code for the year and month of production?

    I'm not sure whether Shimano still use those 2-letter date codes

  • Do I need a passport for checking in to a UK hotel? Or what kind of ID? The phone number for premier inn doesn't seem to work, which is a great sign, but I'd rather not carry my passport if I don't need to.

  • Driving license will do if they ask for anything, but having the credit card that was used to make the booking is probably enough. I can't recall ever carrying anything special for PI hotels.

  • I don't drive and it would have been my employer's credit card... I might chance it with my bank cards etc.

  • SwissStop bxp blue


    Site only 5 days old, deals too good to be true, right?

  • Definitely. Everything about it screams scam, non working social links are a dead give away.

  • Ta for confirming, was hoping it was some kind of new sport pursuit site.

  • Cross posting from a thread I started in case anyone can shed some light.
    @mdcc_tester ?

    I’ve got an issue with my rear wheel that I’m hoping someone can help me with.

    It’s a DT Swiss 3 pawl disc hub on a R24 wheel. The problem started about a month ago when I noticed the chain would occasionally bunch up when free wheeling. It got a bit worse, so I did a hub service and cleaned and re greased everything. I also replaced the pawls. The cartridge bearings were smooth and the wheel spins on the axle without any issue. However when I tighten down the quick release the sticking starts again, so this seems to be the issue. If I leave the quick release as loose as I dare, the wheel is just about rideable, but still sticks a bit and isn’t ideal.

    Can someone advise what the problem might be?

  • Are there caps pressing down on the bearings?

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Any question answered...

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