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  • Closest is 20 miles away (Cornwall long and thin so anything within half hour is sort of regarded as 'up the road'. No ball bearings in my nearest town. Will pop into LBS, confirm size and order online.


  • Sram Force CX-1. Is this a medium cage (75mm centre to centre of jockey wheels) as I suspect and if so, although max capacity is officially 36T can I go bigger with some serious B-Screw action (crankset is 42T).

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  • Couldn’t find it as a gif...

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  • Looks a lot like my medium cage rival derailleur, I could fit in a 40T using the standard b-screw (don't have anything bigger on hand but I fear that's about the max). Can measure/post pics later if you want.

  • Hi - that's great thanks. May just see if I can manage with a 36 (new bike has a 32 on it) as think there's enough slack to go 36 and not need a new one but good to know it can reach 40 if needed. No need for pics but would be awesome if you can confirm yours as a 75mm (or different) and thus a med cage if that's the case. Many thanks

  • Next Q - can anyone give any info on these v-Sprint road wheels 28/24H? Spec/material/prior experience etc? Cheers.

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  • Don't have Vernier calipers!

    For ball bearings I use the park tool ruler. Find it easier than pinching at them with vernier calipers.

  • Thank you. Msgd him directly once I'd put 2 and 2 together.


  • Just measured, mine's 75mm as well.

  • Ideal - many thanks for taking the time

  • So I found a little ratio calculator linked to chainset/cassette and, as I'm going strictly 1x for the foreseeable I need at least equivalent of 34/28 (1.21) as live in the hills - will a 42/36 (1.17) essentially give me the same easy gear?


  • Why don't train ticket barriers take my outward ticket on arrival at my destination when the return journey ones do get taken?

  • I need to clamp something on my steerer (old mtb, going to use it for child carrying duty). The steerer is ofcourse not long enough. The stem is rather bulky So I might get the extra cm out of replacing that.

    I've been looking at stems but no easy way to filter on that dimension :p

    Any suggestions?

  • Why don't train ticket barriers take my outward ticket on arrival at my destination when the return journey ones do get taken?

    A quick google shows it's probably related to the 2FOR1 deals on attractions that are in conjunction with National Rail:-

    If you are making a one way journey or your ticket is valid for one day, you can use your National Rail tickets and offer vouchers only on the day of travel.

    If you are making a return journey, you can use your National Rail tickets and offer vouchers any day on or between your outward and return journeys. For example, if you arrived on Thursday and will return on Sunday, your tickets will be considered valid for the offers on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


    How do I keep my train tickets to use them for a 2FOR1 offer?

    If you are worried that the ticket barrier will keep your ticket when you exit the station, please ask a member of staff to let you through manually. This will ensure you have retained your tickets in order to redeem 2FOR1 offers at attractions.

    So they let you keep the proof of your arrival.

    (I'd never heard of this type of offer before.)

  • Thanks

    2nd question of the day. Just got a new laptop, nothing fancy, but this should be a moment of quiet joy, however I'm stuck in an endless loop within the Play Store to switch out of S mode.

    Utter massive cunts ruining everything.

    Edit. OK, so now I can switch but need to create a Microsoft account to do so.

    I'm going to be all over the Linux thread

  • Autosol. Do you really need to get every specific one for every type of job (chrome,aluminium, anodised aluminium etc...) or the metal one is good for everything?

  • Different surface hardness and chemical resistance suggests there could be formulas good for one surface that would ruin another.

  • Just got some Spesh carbon handlebars. It’s got the torque for the stem bolts written on them. Will the shifter bolts be the same torque?

  • Will the shifter bolts be the same torque?

    If the bar manufacturer doesn't say otherwise, use the shifter manufacturer's torque spec for the lever clamps. Specialized know what those numbers are and will have built their bars to suit.

  • Good advice. Thanks

  • In reference to using a mountain bike with straight alloy bars for commuting

    "Spray some expanding foam into your handlebars to help with road vibrations"

    Is that as completely pointless as I think it would be?
    Its got 2.25 tyres and an air fork FFS

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Any question answered...

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