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  • Also, y'know, hyperbole

    Bloody liberal elites, coming on here with their rhetorical devices 😉

  • Are Shimano 105 5800 shifters compatible with r7000 brake calipers?

  • Shimano...compatable


    Seriously people, Shimano put a lot of work into documenting their products, you shouldn't be asking on here until you've already exhausted

  • I've recently seen a big surge of spam from India to an old hotmail account I use for bills / hotel bookings etc. The spam seems targeted at me offering me web design / app dev etc. I suppose someone could have matched my hotmail to anything publically available online which, if they didn't do proper research, could suggest I would have an interest in these services (I don't but I understand the confusion).

    If I respond and tell them to kindly remove me from their lists does that equal (under the law of england and wales) me giving them the deed to my house?

    Similarly, and during the same time period, I've had LOTS of calls from Indian call centres, redirected through UK-appearing numbers, offering the same, to my mobile.

    I don't answer unknowns, rarely answer mobiles I don't recognise (unless I'm expecting a call) and google landlines before I pick up.

    I'm getting about 15 emails per day (including follow up emails - 'you didn't reply, just checking you're still interested' etc).

    I'm getting about 25 calls per day. (I started typing this when I had a call I didn't recognise and have had 2 more since I started typing - 02071 and 02073).

    Anything to be done? In the past I just got a new sim card but it would be a big effort these days to go through and update all of the contacts I would want to have my new number)? Also the social awkwardness of updating someone I never speak to (but might one day).

  • Spam filter emails, block shitty phone numbers.

  • It's a different number and email address every time.
    Even the 'replys' with a chain seem to come from completely different addresses.

  • I had a similar experience a few years back. I suddenly started getting a similar amount of calls and I couldnt work out what had triggered it. I'm afraid to say that I couldnt find a way to stop it (I was blocking every number that called!) so I ended up just getting a new number. Really annoying as I had a very easy to remember number at the time, that I'd had for about 15 years.

  • Yeah I don't see it stopping any time soon. Bum.

  • Might be too late sadly, but do you have an old portfolio type website which could still have those details on it?

    I don't get it anywhere near as bad as your situation, but I do get the odd email to the address I have on that from Indian web/design/QA etc businesses prospecting for work.

  • I'm super careful about giving my number out - it's not posted anywhere publically online (though searching it now it does appear on those phone number list websites).

    And I use that email address only for booking hotels/paying council tax etc.

    I'll just get a new set.

  • Will 12" records fit in the Ortlieb Velocity backpack? Width is given as 30cm, and a record is 30.48cm, so I assume it's not going to work, but appreciate any insight from anyone who's tried.

  • It's a soft bag, so I'm sure you could put a few in there. How many do you need to carry at a time?

  • Got about ten at work. The Ortlieb is the biggest bag I have that I can cycle commute with, and I'd rather do that than have to get the bus in and back with them. I'll just check tonight when I get home - was just on the off chance that someone had already tried.

  • I reported an accident to the Police once using the mobile number I had uneventfully used for the past 15 years (at the time).
    Few weeks later I was pestered at least once a day by claims firms.

    I usually got through the robo-call section then when put through to the human agree to everything they say and explain all the injuries I've suffered and time taken off work to recover.

    Towards the end of the questioning I ask if it matters that I was over the legal drunk driving limit or that my car only had three wheels at the time.

    Contacts drop off dramatically after a few calls like that.

  • This happened to me too - still does occasionally. Does the Met literally sell the data?

  • I've tried this, records don't really fit. One might - just - but once you start factoring in the thickness of multiple sleeves it's no go.

  • Attach them to the outside?

  • As suspected. I also have to fit other stuff in the bag, so it's a no-go. I'll just have to wait until the weather is shit enough to not both riding. Which will be this week some time anyway!

  • Ran out of sports wash, what's the best/cheapest alternative?
    Is woolite alright?

  • Can anyone identify this movie?

    At least 10 years old (I think).
    The lead star is drugged and taken to (engage movie voice) a facility so secure that no-one has ever escaped.
    Upon making the last part of his escape he opens a hatch to finally see daylight only to find himself on a small platform in the middle of the ocean with nothing in sight.

    It's not Prison Break (the TV series) or Escape Plan (the film with Stallone and Schwarzanegger). Nor is it anything to do with Alcatraz.


  • I'm getting about 25 calls per day. (I started typing this when I had a call I didn't recognise and have had 2 more since I started typing - 02071 and 02073).

    Could you wildcard block 0207**

  • Could you wildcard block 0207**

    You could if you never wanted to hear from anybody in London 🙂

  • Sounds fine.

  • It's ringing a bell, but I can't track down a definitive answer. There was Face/Off, with Nick Cage escaping jail to find himself on an oil rig, or The Cube? (Though I don't think that ends on an exterior shot.)

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Any question answered...

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