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  • I've a file you're welcome to borrow if you fancy a trip to SE4 or I can bring it into town (work) tomorrow?

    With the Dremel, if you find the burr is catching try rubbing some wax (supposedly tailor's chalk is the ideal but I've used candle wax before) on the cutting edges. The cutting tools can have a tendency to catch and gouge into the work piece.

  • Care to share why you wanna replace the current one?

  • I'm in exactly the same boat, now paying £50 a month for average internet. Tried calling and threatening to leave if I couldn't get a discount and they basically just said "see ya then". I must not have as good a phone demeanor as I thought.

  • I bought a second hand headset, and it wasn't included...

  • Shimano XT 780 rear hub, where the freehub body seems to be seizing up.

    (I bought it earlier this year as part a new 26” wheelset from t’Internet -has at most a couple of hundred miles on it).

    Do I...

    1. Take it apart to clean and repack (although given Internet lore about this particular model of hub I may just discover crumbly cheese)?

    2. Get a spare XT to use as a donor for the body and omg will I never learn? (the wheelset was around a hundred notes, this adds another £30 to it)

    3. Get the wheel rebuilt with a hub that won’t pack up because I looked at it ‘funny’? (what would that be?)


  • Brompton Electric, nice but pricey or put a bit more effort in and pedal harder?

  • All up to you and your personal circumstances. If it's going to be the difference between riding or driving, then go for it.

  • Look up the bearing angle specs and then just use any that matches?

  • They're kinda fun but on the flat I found you hit the limit speed more or less straight away, so only really useful if you've got a few hills on your commute you want to get up quicker. Tiny powered front wheel is lulz when it's as slippery though. I don't know if it's still a problem but the early releases had battery connection issues over rough ground.

  • It could be the difference between motorbike and pushbike. I need something that is securely parked without taking up room in a clients hallway for 8hrs a day for months, also something that I can rock up to a mews house without dealing with parking and fix a few light switches etc.

    A Brompton of some sort is the answer but the electric option means less sweat under waterproofs if you are having to pick up materials or go from site to site.

    I've been doing this job with a combination of m/bike, p/bike and car/van for years and have several push bikes but I need a more compact push bike option to get me using it more.

    Looking at the options cheapest 2nd hand Brompton around £600, new mechanical dream spec £1600, Electric £2700. So a big difference in price, even averaged out over 10 or more years.

  • Bit the bullet anyway. Test rode one and it does what it says on the tin, have to see if it fits the use case over time.

  • Looking for a wrap that will do a similar job as bar tape but be far more durable.

    Sort of like motorcycle exhaust wrap but not fibreglass based.. needs to be comfortably handled with bare hands.

    Cordura webbing perhaps?

  • Gorilla tape? Works for everything else.

  • Hockey tape was a bike polo favourite before golf grips were on trend.

  • Hey phreaks
    My landline phone has a bt plug, but through virgin I need to plug it into my router, which has a smaller hole (RJ45?) on the back with a phone picture next to it. What adapter do I need to make these work?
    I've seen some online but am confused by the main line/second line stuff.

  • Ah yes thanks!

  • My landline phone has a butt plug


  • Kinky

    So I'm not the only one who read that 🤭

  • Where's the post with the guy giggling uncontrollably about Amey's brakes etc. please and thank you?
    I need a good laugh.

  • I just looked at a page of the memes thread for the first and last time. It's everything I feared.

  • It's everything I feared

    Then if anything you lack imagination. It's pretty moderate compared with the wells of depravity elsewhere.

  • Elsewhere on the internet? The world? The universe? I didn't mean to imply it is all things I could ever fear, I just meant that thread specifically. (ie. Could have been expanded to "everything I feared it would be"). I choose not to dwell in the wells, in general.
    Also, y'know, hyperbole.

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Any question answered...

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