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  • Bombtrack Arise

    Pinnacle Arkose single speed (maybe)

  • Ashley Hames, Sin Cities.
    Poor man's Louis Theroux for sure.

  • Washing Machine (Indesit IWME126) making a clunk sound each time the drum turns past a specific point.

    Drive pulley? Bearings?

    DIY repairable? Call someone out? Replace it (it's ~7 years old, bottom of the range but in good condition otherwise)?

    Annoying as I'd only just treated it by cleaning out random stones and sludge from the pump pre-chamber and this is how it rewards me.

  • Never change a running system!

  • Thanks @Lolo, @Emyr and @farewell. Looks like it's an Omnium or Arkose!

  • Day one? I’ve see them go for £150 second hand.. They come up on gumtree from time to time. Deffo check tyre clearance before buying as it has probably changed over the years and they’ve been around a while.

    Or a pomp/pompetamine if you can find one.

  • Call out is expensive and an excuse to hike the price. Unplug it and take the lid and/or back off and take a peak. I emphasise re the plug as a former colleague of mine has a spectacular burn scar on his forearm from the electrics of a washing machine. I used to repair old washing machines and vacuum cleaners for a friend's business 30 years ago and it's time consuming and if you replace one thing the rest is still old and worn.
    The chances are a weld or rivet has gone causing a wobble in the pulley on the back of the drum or the main bearing has gone. It's probably not worth repairing even if you can get the parts. They do seem to have a finite life nowadays and if something lets go at 1000 rpm+ then other stuff may get damaged too.

  • ours just needed the belt pushing back on after i'd overloaded it and it started smoking and clunking.
    its as good as new now!

  • We had an old Hotpoint that did this; turns out it was the bearings. Ours developed enough play that it rubbed against the seals on the spin cycle and started to catch fire. When the tech came out he said that it was still electrically sound and just needed a new bearing, but by that point we'd already replaced it...

  • The broadband deal (new customer) I had with virgin ended this month. Price has gone from £27 a month to £50. Tried to call and say I would leave, they offered £32 a month.

    Any reason why I can’t have my wife sign up with one of virgins new customer deals? The bill has always been in my name.

  • Yes!

    (poor man's Louis Theroux is a bit harsh more like a hedonistic
    Romesh Ranganathan)

  • Think it's done on the address as I was going to do that.

  • But what about when you move house? All I could see was that you can’t of been a virgin media customer within the last 12 months.

    Her last name is different as well.

  • Moving house is probably fine, I asked about it when blagging cheaper stuff and they basically won't let you.

  • Damn. Might just have to take their £32 offer.

  • Does anyone know the book I'm failing to remember? Non-fiction and it was written some time between 1900 and 1930 IIRC and is about a couple of guys that cycle across the middle east to China. I'm sure it was linked to on here a few years ago and there was a PDF available online. I can't really remember anything specific about it except there were stories about the Kurds and other nomadic groups in the ME and that their bikes were falling apart by the end. I'm failing at Google.

  • It's probably not worth repairing even if you can get the parts.

    This is why I only buy Miele appliances, if you have to take out a second mortgage when you buy them then it's always worthwhile repairing.

  • Dremel and a rotary burr or a rat tail file?

  • Yeah! that's the one. Thanks a lot.

    I was reminded of the book by this picture, with the most British final sentence:

  • Sperm oil > chain waxing thread

  • Ace, borrowed the former, will try to borrow the latter. The finish isn't super important as it'll be hidden by the (stupid) crank strain gauge. I should really start a build thread for this silly TT machine.

  • I'm looking to find an aftermarket crown race to suit a 1 1/8 Chris king headset - ideally with a split.

    Can anyone suggest one?

  • I've a file you're welcome to borrow if you fancy a trip to SE4 or I can bring it into town (work) tomorrow?

    With the Dremel, if you find the burr is catching try rubbing some wax (supposedly tailor's chalk is the ideal but I've used candle wax before) on the cutting edges. The cutting tools can have a tendency to catch and gouge into the work piece.

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Any question answered...

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