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  • This gt seemed too old to have a conventional threadless headset/steerer - is it? Cheers

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  • Nope. In fact, I'd say that's exactly what it does have.

  • P. S. Bear in mind that you can fit either an old school threaded headset or an Aheadset in a standard 1 1/8" head tube. Depends more on the fork than the frame.

  • Looks like a 1997 model with rattle can red round the seat cluster.

  • Shimano RS81 rear hub:
    Left cone very very grumbly (drive side better and no play in freehub etc). Bearings (only 11 rather than 13 I was expecting, as on drove side) very pitted and to a degree the race/cone. First step, clean thick grease and new bearings (13 like the other side?). What then, can I get replacement parts cheaply - what am I likely to need and where would be a good place to get what's required? Also best place for bearings for these wheels? Cheers

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  • Cups fucked, new hub/wheel.

  • Cups fucked, new hub/wheel

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, so it was kind of you to step in :)

  • @mdcc_tester @Howard and @bananaskid
    Ta for the info, it's useful.
    I guess I'm not looking for a positively "ethical investment" or impact investment, rather a way to avoid investing in fossil fuels etc. Seems crazy to try and use my drop in the ocean consumer power day to day but not try with the bigger money.
    Possibly just taking savings out of Barclays and putting them in the Cooperative.

  • giant in Camden often have them outside at the end of the day - might be worth calling them

  • Seems crazy to try and use my drop in the ocean consumer power day to day but not try with the bigger money

    Your consumption choices makes a difference, however small. Your investment strategy simply doesn't.

  • What he^ said.

    You could also just choose funds which don't include fossil fuel companies.

  • Can anyone remember a sort of TV presenter who looked a bit like Louis Theroux? I think his name was Ashley.

    He used to interview gurning clubbers on MTV Dance and then did a show on Bravo(?) where he'd go off an do random sex-based tasks/gonzo reporting. There was one I think where he was "kidnaped" in NOLA by a gang of women and then "tortured".

    Anyone know what the presenters name was and what the Bravo show was?


  • Can anyone help an idiot (me) with a bit of javascript? Trying to write a script that identifies whether an image is portrait or landscape orientation then scales the image so that it is at a minimum 7016 x 9933 px (or 9933 x 7016 depending on orientation...)

    I think I've got the basic logic of it right but I don't know a jot about js but think in order for this to work I need to have the five lines after each if(Orientation...) condition be a block statement but can I do this whilst having another condition inside of it? If anyone could explain it to me like I'm five I'd be greatly appreciative!

    app.preferences.rulerUnits = Units.PIXELS;
    var doc = activeDocument;
    var Orientation = parseFloat(doc.height/doc.width);
    var doc = activeDocument;
    var wFactorP = parseFloat(7016/doc.width)
    var hFactorP = parseFloat(9933/doc.height);
    var wFactorL = parseFloat(9933/doc.width)
    var hFactorL = parseFloat(7016/doc.height);
  • I think this is what you're trying to do

    app.preferences.rulerUnits = Units.PIXELS;
    var doc = activeDocument;
    var Orientation = parseFloat(doc.height / doc.width);
    if (Orientation >= 1) {
        var wFactorP = parseFloat(7016 / doc.width);
        var hFactorP = parseFloat(9933 / doc.height);
        if (wFactorP > hFactorP) {
            doc.resizeImage(7016, undefined, undefined, ResampleMethod.BICUBIC);
        else {
            doc.resizeImage(undefined, 9933, undefined, ResampleMethod.BICUBIC)
    else if (Orientation < 1) {
        var wFactorL = parseFloat(9933 / doc.width)
        var hFactorL = parseFloat(7016 / doc.height);
        if (wFactorL > hFactorL) {
            doc.resizeImage(9933, undefined, undefined, ResampleMethod.BICUBIC)
        else {
            doc.resizeImage(undefined, 7016, undefined, ResampleMethod.BICUBIC)
  • Yes that's exactly it, thank you!

  • I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that those Maap, Morvelo etc jerseys on eBay (shipping from China for about £15) are fake. How do those sellers get away with it? Does eBay not have a policy on knowingly selling knock-off stuff?

  • Haha, you must be new to the internet.

  • Hey buddy, don't you dare try and flame me!

    I get Ebay's going to be riddled with fake crap, I just assumed sellers like that (ie. high volume 'stores') would be policed in some way?

  • It's a sick world, buddy.

  • Throw off high volume stores that generate a lot of income for ebay or turn a blind eye. Let me think about that.!!!!

  • Thanks. I asked yesterday with no luck. Might have to try again tomorrow

  • Looking for an off the peg fixed/single speed that runs either v-brake or disks and can handle 35 mm studed tires and has fittings for mudguards. What are my options?

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Any question answered...

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