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  • Fair enough.

    Maybe there's a business opportunity there.

  • QE2 burns nearly 2 tons of bunker oil per passenger to get from NY to Southampton.

    Da fuq

  • Da fuq

    Yeah, I was expecting it to be much more than flying (water has more drag than air, what with Atlantic sea water being about 2500 times as dense as the air at cruising altitude), but 10 times was news. Cruise ship just aren't built for minimum fuel consumption the way aircraft are.

    I guess if you reduced the accommodation to airliner levels, you could build a ship with similar fuel burn per passenger mile, but it's bad enough for 8 hours, never mind 8 days šŸ¤®

  • I assume QMII would be the same as per my original question.

  • I'll bet there isn't enough demand for seriously efficient cars.
    Hertz lists a "green traveller" option but neither of the cars (hybrid camry and prius) are available.

  • I assume QMII would be the same

    Broadly speaking. Installed power is about the same, capacity is about 25% more, and QM2 uses a mixed diesel/gas turbine generating plant of a more modern design, so the specific fuel consumption should be lower. I'd be very surprised if they'd got it down to under 1 tonne per passenger though.

  • We got married at St John at Hackney Brewery earlier this year. We had our own local caterers but I think you may need to use their in-house now...the chef is amazing though.

  • no car available from rental agencies around here could come close to that!

    It's more like 40mpg in American, due to the smaller gallons.

  • Why would I be interested in US gallons?

  • Why would I be interested in US gallons?

    For comparison of "gas mileage" of North American vehicles with European ones, since I was taking about mpg. If you use SI units, the different gallons are obviously irrelevant, but it's still not easy to compare manufacturers numbers due to different test cycles and regulations on claims. FWIW the basic (120hp) Canadian Ford Fiesta does 7.9l.100km-1 using the Government of Canada approved test method for combined cycle, where the Euro (125PS) one does 5.7-6.1l.100km-1 depending on which version, on the WLTP combined cycle.

  • We use imperial gallons in Canada.

  • gallons schmallons

  • I would like to "disinvest" (from petroleum, harmful resource extraction, habitat destruction, war, oppression etc).
    What personal current/savings banks do people recommend?
    What investment thingies do people recommend? I'm not talking huge sums here, but eg an ISA.

  • I would like to "disinvest" (from petroleum, harmful resource extraction, habitat destruction, war, oppression etc)

    You can't change anything by divesting, because there are always more than enough bastards to take up the slack. All you do is lower the share price of Four Horsemen Inc. so the bastards make even higher returns. You can't hold any store of value, including cash, much less make any kind of return without collaborating with evil.

    You can effect change by modifying your own consumption, by holding stakes in companies and directing the management to act according to your priorities, and by using any returns on your investments to carry out good works.

  • I would like to "disinvest" (from petroleum, harmful resource extraction, habitat destruction, war, oppression etc).

    Nutmeg offer the ability to factor in ā€˜ethicsā€™ in to their asset selection but as Tester says itā€™s probably just fluff

    But if you want to try transferring an existing ISA to it thatā€™s pretty simple. Hereā€™s a referral code.

  • @dancingĀ james or anyone else who may know about this. If a man who is marching rapidly into middle age wanted to try yoga are there any online courses/apps that are any good for beginners? Or would I be better off just going to a class and accept that I'm going to be farting loudly infront of complete strangers?

  • As someone resembling that description, who started yoga at the start of the year, I'd suggest:
    *A real life instructor will be able to see if you're moving correctly
    *A good instructor will be more interested in you moving correctly than extremes of motion
    *Don't be afraid to try a few different styles/instructors until you find one you're happy with
    *Being well focussed on the practice means you don't worry about other people
    *The farting thing is over-hyped

  • The latter

    Go to a good instructor and do a six or twelve week introductory course

  • *The farting thing is over-hyped

    Even for a lifelong ale drinking rugby player who has always been naturally gifted at farting?

  • @Landslide , @dancingĀ james.

    Cheers guys already looked at my local leisure centre the only yoga class on offer there has 2 paragraphs dedicated to the benefits of aligning your chakras in the class description. I really cannot be bothered with quasi eastern mysticism dressed up as a fitness regime so will keep looking.

  • I can't comment on the rugby aspect, but otherwise, yeah.

  • Ideally you would ask people you know that have been doing yoga for a while if they can recommend a teacher.
    Like @Landslide said maybe you need to try a few different people / studios and see what fits.
    At least where I live they usually do trial classes for a tenner or so, so just go check out what's available.

    Oh and don't worry about the other people, they're either just as insecure about the whole thing themselves as they're new like you, or they're busy with the actual yoga - either way they don't give a shit what you wear and how flexible you are etc.

  • Austrian alps road cycling next week - will i die ?

  • If I'm 47 in Sidi Dominators what would I be in Specialized MTB shoes?

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Any question answered...

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