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  • Physics question:

    Edit: eurgh, that was just a load of waffle. Basically:

    I get a heavier bike/rider is harder to accelerate, but what positive effects can it have on speed if any? Given a constant pedalling force, will the higher inertia have any positive effect on speed (or maybe a reduction in force needed to maintain speed?).

  • More weight also means more rolling resistance, can’t answer your question but it’s another factor I can think of

  • I've come on holiday and developed a rather charming inner ear infection that is effecting my sense of balance.

    HI FAM.

  • Of course. I think it’s probably a bit more of a complex equation than I want it to be, right?

  • Less affected by side winds? My girlfriend (30kg lighter than me) is pushed around by wind that I don’t notice. I’m also hugely faster downhill, but she’s hugely faster uphill.

  • Yeah, I even notice that riding my Surly vs riding my track bike (probably about 5kg difference maybe?).

  • Track bike running double discs 😎?

  • Ha. Steel track bike (thron) with not particularly light wheels. Was about 8kg last (only) time I weighed it. Assuming my Surly is 12kg-ish?

  • WTF has happened to Dark Chocolate digestives - wheres the glossy chocolate - its now dull , its thin as f**k and smaller than normal !!!!!!!!!!

  • Are you eating the thin version?

  • Are you eating the dull version?

  • not those new wafer things - i'm talking McVities Dark Chocolate Digestives!

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  • It's been summer. Probably just stored a bit too warm and the fats have done something.

  • perhaps - or perhaps its a new "improved" taste - i better buy another packet from another store to find out ;-)

  • stored a bit too warm and the fats have done something­bloom

  • Speaking of greenwashing (upthread), what's the opinion here about an ocean crossing on the QM II vs a flight? If flying from here, we'd have one stopover on the way to UK, if sailing we'd still have to get to NYC, a very long train trip or shortish flight (from Winnipeg).

  • I'd fly, and donate some money to a reforest organisation.

  • yeah, that

    Seemed like you knew what it was, but not what it was called 🙂

  • greenwashing

    As I said before, your first order approximation for resource consumption is how much something costs. Flying is a thing because it's much cheaper than sailing.

    Just in terms of fuel burn, modern wide body jet airliners are of the order of burning 1-2 times your own weight in jet fuel for an East Coast to Western Europe crossing (100-200kg, depending on aircraft type, capacity and load factor). QE2 burns nearly 2 tons of bunker oil per passenger to get from NY to Southampton.

    For comparison, a single-occupant motor car doing 50mpg burns about 250kg of petrol or diesel to cover the same distance.

  • yeah, I knew the bloom word, but I wasn't 100% that was what I meant in this case... (although at first I was thinking "efflorescence...? no that's bricks")

  • 50mpg

    Even if I could drive there no car available from rental agencies around here could come close to that!

    Catching a lift on a freighter might be an interesting alternative as they're actually transporting goods (hopefully) anyway.

  • Where do you live ?

    Pretty much every economy class car in Europe does that.

  • Okay freighters are expen$ive!

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Any question answered...

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