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  • Looks like you have a nano SIM, but need a micro SIM. You can get adapters online for cheap.

  • Most phone shops will give you an adapter if you ask.

  • thanks both!

  • Anyone played with the angles of the grip section on a cromoly handlebar? Is it possible to bend these cold without damage? Actually, I’d be straightening them a little bit.

  • Yeah I had that with Yahoo for years. Super annoying.

  • Can somebody please explain to me why the total capacity on the Shimano GRX RD-RX812 (long) only 31t?

    That must be a mistype, surely, as the Ultegra RX RD-RX800 (medium) is rated to 39t total capacity.

    Or am I missing something crucial?


    Missed that the 812 was Di2. The RX810 has 40t total capacity. Still weaksauce..

  • Can somebody please explain to me why the total capacity on the Shimano GRX RD-RX812 (long) only 31t?

    The website specs seem to be all over the place, but in at least one place it seems to indicate that the 812 is for 1×11 with an 11-42 cassette (31T total) and the 800 is for a 2×11 with an 11-34 cassette (23T) and a 16T gap at the front, total 39T

  • Missed that the 812 was Di2

    Pretty sure it isn't, again the website is pissed but as far as I can tell 800 has been updated to 810 (2×11, 34T max sprocket) and they've added the mechanical 812 (1×11, 42T max sprocket). The corresponding Di2 units are 815 (2×11, 34T max sprocket) and 817 (1×11, 42T max sprocket)

  • Getting 2FA codes sent to a mobile isn't a good idea. Change it to a timed one-time password (TOTP - they give you backup codes too) or the google notification type (which come up on all your signed in devices).

  • I used to travel a lot, occasionally through several countries in a day and never had any issues using Gmail on my phone!

  • on my phone

    I assume that's an android phone which kinda runs hand in hand with your google account all the time?

  • Boring question alert:
    I work in an office, for lunch I normally get a sandwich, Pret, Eat, etc. However it always kills my energy for the next hour. I think it's the carbs. Does anyone know what kind of lunchy food I could make/buy that fills you up but won't make me fall asleep?

  • Using 2Fa is good practice and provides Google (or someone else) a good way to check you're you rather than someone who happens to have your password.

  • ^^ with meth sauce

  • make double of last night's dinner

  • go to the supermarket and get pre-cooked chicken breasts / avo / coleslaw. usually lasts for at least 2 lunches. cost effective too!

  • Make salad, two days worth in one go:

    Tin of butter beans
    Tin of sweetcorn
    Cherry tomatoes
    Spring onion

    Low cost, healthy, with practice it can be made drunk or hungover in <10 mins.

  • tho lay off the beans / corn / stuff that grows underground if you're fussed about crabz.

  • ^Fair point.
    The above (or similar) has been making up my evening meal for the past year or so with the result that I sleep soooooo much better, like a baby.
    Not so much the bedwetting tho.

  • Yep, it's an android.

  • Make salad

    I approve.

  • I've been making lunches in a similar way. pre-cooked beluga lentils and freekeh mixed, then chopped cherry tomatos and salad onions with diced cucumber and peppers dressed with olive oil and a bit of red wine vinegar, roasted brocolli and courgette, sliced cooked chicken. A lot of it is pre-cooked (I do the broccoli and courgette) so it's not as cheap as it could be - looking at an Ocado order it's £20 for 6 meals, but I feel good after, eat less in the evening and I have one less decision to make in the day. I'm planning to switch in some smoked tofu and the like to make it vegan.

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Any question answered...

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