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  • That actually sounds like a good bet! It's pretty rare that it's actually wet enough for me to worry about my phone getting wet and the bag I have at the minute is fine for 90% of the time.

  • Would helicopter tape be sufficient as a frame tube protector for bumps from a brake arm? Frame is 631, brake arm obviously aluminum.

  • A reaction arm? From a drum brake or something?

  • Will a solar powered light work indoors under a velux?

    Need a nightlight in our bathroom.

  • No sorry, I mis-named the part, the cable retainer/holder thingie on a single pivot front brake.

  • Would helicopter tape be sufficient

    Depends how hard you hit it. It will certainly provide some level of protection, but if you crash in a way which turns the fork far and hard enough to snap the brake arm, the cable stop is probably going to leave a dent in your downtube.

  • They're quite a well known brand. Do good stuff for the price. A lot of watersports stuff so plenty of expertise in that area.

  • Thanks, ended up using the tape covered by a rubber outer from a twist shifter as a little more insurance.

  • Good to know, thanks.

  • Does anyone know how much this might be worth? It’s a 1985 Panasonic Team.

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  • any web gurus riddle me this?

    I need to put a holding page in IIS for a website, with a URL link in there to a new website - which is probably fairly simple

    However, I still need access for admin users internally to the 'old' website - we use browser .pfx certificates to control the logon to the website (for external users and internal admin users)

    without URL rewrites etc is there an easy way to achieving both?


  • Can anyone recommend a decent battery charger that will charge AAA, AA, C and D cells? My dad's ancient one has just packed up.

    Previously I had the one below, which was great until it fucked up after a year and a half. They offered -10% off another... so not exactly inclined buy a 2nd.


    EBL Universal LCD Display Battery Charger with Discharge Function for AA, AAA, C, D Ni-MH Ni-CD Rechargeable Batteries­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_xJWwDb4WC87D9

  • Really hard to tell from 1 photo, more photos perhaps?

  • how much this might be worth?

    I'm not seeing anything which would make me part with more than fiddy dorrah

  • What do you call the bits of rubber you use to properly attach and adjust the read mudguard to the bridge between the chainstays close to the BB?

  • Reckon the word ‘grommet’ will do?

  • Can anybody tell me the name of this cantilever?
    I can't work out how to fit this small metal ring into the cable clamp!

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  • i think its alivio, but might be acera x

  • Cable routing and liners on a Felt FR1 ...

    The manual tells me to cross the exposed gear cable sections over each other, but also leave some liner in place.

    Do I just run the liners all the way to where the outer starts? Like this guy ?

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    • Screenshot from 2019-08-20 21-47-53.png
  • Frame comes with liners in place btw

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  • Ah thanks man this has helped so much. No part number stamped on the arms....

  • Acera for sure. Got a rear brake with that A cut into it.

  • Thanks, such weird brakes.

    This solved the riddle


  • disappointingly, my sim wont fit in my new phone.

    do i have a femtosim and need a replacement picosim?

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  • arguably it fits in, fits in too well

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Any question answered...

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