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  • It's not a weird time zone is it? (Although I can't really see how you'd get such a large difference from time zone.)

    Do you have multiple dates? Is the difference always the same?

  • difference is always different (always closeish but up to 5 days apart)

  • i bet the field i am told is driving the shown date isnt actually the right one

  • standard press fit road shell

    LOL. There are at least half a dozen common road shell dimensions with plain bores for pressed in cartridge bearings. GXP will go into any of them with the right adapters.

  • It's not a weird time zone is it? (Although I can't really see how you'd get such a large difference from time zone.)

  • difference is always different

    that's deep yo

  • Partly provoked by velohobbit's earlier post -
    Has anyone swapped the brake levers on a pair of TRP RRL? I've just put some on some slightly splayed bars, and the correspondingly splayed levers are somewhat outboard of where my fingers want to be. Wondering if it's possible to disassemble them out of the hoods, swap the levers and put them back together again or whether a) they have some non-symmetrical part, like where the cable release button is, or b) I'm likely to just break them and not be able to put them together again.

  • When did mobile websites start being able to redirect to pop up ads? Only started happening for me recently with certain sites like

    Fucking infuriating, how do you defeat them?

  • What browser are you using?

  • Jus regular ol' chrome

  • You could try Brave Browser.

  • An exceptionally attractive looking browser?

  • Looks the same as all the others. Has built in adblocking and other nice privacy features.

  • *whoosh*parrot.jpg

  • Will give it a bash, ta

  • I still don't get it...

  • still don't get it...

    @brave is considered the prettiest boy on LFGSS

  • Stop. (Don’t stop).

  • How you doin'? 😘

  • In very rude health thank you.

  • My old company used to make these (by hand!) - annoyingly I can’t remember who or exactly what they were for but I vaguely recall it was to do with office phone systems.
    Possibly for interfacing legacy analog stuff with IP based systems.

  • Really stupid question and I'm not sure how to ask it but here goes.

    My front brake is no longer springy it's as if the cable pull just isn't working at all.
    I was cleaning it and the spring came out, I thought i'd put it all back together okay.

    Is the brake a write off? Should I just go buy another for the sake of £30?

  • What brake?

  • If it's a road caliper style thing and you're pretty sure it's all back together in the right order you've probably over tightened one of the pivots.

  • Its the road caliper style, it was the spring that came out. Now it closes but doesnt open, not even cabled just moving it by hand.

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Any question answered...

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