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  • Cool that may work, tx!

    Kids just about fitting on 29ers is definitely on trend in Belfast too.

  • Is the NCN 1 clearly signed from Kings Lynn in the Hunstanton direction?
    Or a recommended phone map? I'm doing it tomorrow, no time to buy a map and the embedded one on Sustrans doesn't seem to work very well up close.

  • The RWGPS (ride with GPS) app has an OSM overlay (if you choose it), and has a "show my location" option for when you're out in the wild. I think you can use it to navigate but I've only ever used it to sense check when my Garmin proves unhelpful. It works pretty well, should be fine for NCN route finding.

  • Ta. Downloaded.

  • Btw i have one chinese narrow wide 1 year using. Very good quality. My was for 15 eur (free shiping)

  • Thanks for the heads head up, not a big fan of beef but will check them out nonetheless.

    I do have the same cooler and yeah might make my own SV box! Good tip on tidying everything up and plugging up the hole so it could still be used as a chiller if needed!

  • Hi all, are there any particular standards when is come to freehub bodies, not on the spine side, but on the clickety ratcheting side?
    I'm trying to find a quieter alternative to my Bombtrack rear hub that's just a bit too noisy and cannot find who the OEM the Hubs from. I'd rather avoid fidgeting with it before I know that I have no other options.
    Alternatively, does anyone know what OEM Hub manufacturer Bombtrack usually use?
    Thanks all!

  • Just grease up the internal between the pawls and ratchets?

  • I saw that could be done with lithium grease, tried it and made very little difference. Plus, I'd rather avoid getting issues in the future or having to do it every 3 months when the grease "runs out".
    I will try something else but I'm worried that a denser grease might prevent the ratchets not locking properly...

  • It can't be that loud that grease couldn't silence it. Serviced and greased a Chris King the other week and yeah, the owner requested for less buzz/clicks and a good dab of synthetic grease did the job with notable reduction.

    Could you be missing a seal or two? I know of riders with Hope hubs who have removed the seal between the hub and cassette to make it louder!

  • I'll give the Lithium grease a go and hope it helps. I found a couple things online that I can try. Basically, they're just low viscosity greases that are specced to make freehub quieter amongst other. I'll test and report back.

    I don't think it's missing a seal, or at least hope not since I'm the first owner and haven't had to clean or service the freehub body yet...

    Thanks for all the suggestions!

  • Any suggestions for an exercise app (android, preferably working offline) for quick workouts that can be done with no equipment and not a huge amount of space?

    With the amount I'm eating on work trips I feel I should at least try and do some exercise as well.

  • suggestions for an exercise app (android

    There's a thread for that

  • Not using Chris King grease? Tut tut.

  • CK actually recommend their ring lube for the ratchets which I have but that doesn't silence it enough.

    Yes, CK grease is synthetic grease which is what was applied. Usually for their bearings though...

  • Anyone know where i might get the old-style iPod/iPhone 30 pin cable in Soho today?

  • Does anyone know of any tapered forks with heaps of mounts of them that aren't ~300? Trying to find something for my arkose that will allow a front lowrider rack.

  • Saffronspokes just got one of these for £130

  • If I want to build up a bike with older wheels that are only 10-speed (SRAM/Shimano) compatible, what would the recommended route be re groupset? Presumably, there are quite a few used good-quality groupsets out there now that most will have switched to 11-speed, no? So should I just look for e.g. used Ultegra / Dura-Ace components from back when?

  • I’m pretty sure if you use an 11sp shimano MTB cassette it’ll fit a 10sp hub. I think the shimano HG800 cassette fits 10sp road wheels, I’m hoping someone can confirm...(edit- google seems to think I’m right)

    For some fucking retarded reason when shimano went 11sp the road dept made the freehub fractionally wider, the MTB department left the freehub as is and changed the cassette design to fit, go figure...

  • Huh. Thanks, I did not know that. Can someone confirm?

    My experience with MTB components is exactly 0, is the difference essentially that MTB cassettes are only offered in much wider ranges than road ones, or is there any further difference? Beyond the width thing?

  • Cog spacing is the same (I think!), obviously the ratios are different, but the way they’re designed is that MTB cassettes overhang the 11t cog beyond the end of the free hub overhangs the big sprocket inboard of the freehub to get the spread, where as road freehubs are slightly wider to accommodate the extra width of the cassette.

    I’d you google something to the effect of ‘hg800 10 speed freehub’ you’ll see what I mean.

    The other option is swap for a Campag freehub & casette, Campag also managed to make 11sp cassettes fit 10sp hubs (again someone correct me if I’m wrong). All 11sp cassettes are cross compatible in practice. That would make it easier to get road appropriate ratios.

  • Hmmm true, I read about the Campagnolo option but it's not necessarily a cheap thing to swap the freehub body.

    However, I'm also considering experimenting with a 1x setup, in which case an 11-34t cassette might not even be that wrong.

    Thanks for your help!

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Any question answered...

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