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  • Do you too like versatility and efficiency in the workshop?

  • You're right it's not critical, but temperature is. And as I've never used one before I still need a rough guide.

    @coventry_eagle - yes exactly. I'll probably seare it on the BBQ.

    I did a quick write up in the current projects misc thread here and here.

  • Has anyone used a stamp set for stamping letters in brass?
    I looked at sets on Amazon but reviews are really mixed. Looking for advice

  • Man, you're making me want to get some ribs from the butcher now!

  • For what purpose, flat material? Machine engraving gives the most legible. Power hand engravers sort of OK.
    Is the material solid, if so stamping will give a legible result.
    Perhaps acid etching is a feasible alternative.­h-brass-or-copper/

  • Solid (relatively) or plate, it will be flat. A bit rough/handmade is fine, good in fact. I've just seen reviews on some stamps that say it isn't legible at all.
    Its for a super quick added touch, not important enough to go through the effort of engraving or acid etching I don't think

  • I've got a couple of sets of letter and number stamps. All I'll say is that it is incredibly difficult to get the letters to line up in a straight line - even when you line them up against a solid, square, clamped object.

  • Thats fine, rough is part of the charm. I just want to make sure it will be legible and if there are any recommendations of sets to buy

  • I bought mine a loooooong time ago, but I'm pretty sure they would've come from RS
    Given what you've said, this might not be the tip for you, but if you want them to punch to a consistent depth, use an automatic centre punch rather than a hammer.

  • use an automatic centre punch rather than a hammer.

    In any case, I didn't know these things existed. I'll definitely have use for one for other things so thanks!

  • Sous vide not great for red meat as it makes it harder to achieve a good crisp exterior. Look into reverse sear - has the benefits of sous vide but much better finish.

  • I am looking for a very basic 26 inch hybrid or rigid MTB bicycle.

    My son is growing so fast that he nearly fits on my 26" old MTB (I am 5"5) but Vitus (CRCs) brand stops at 24 inch for kids bikes and so does the Carrera Abbyss.

    After that you go into kids MTBs with suspension which is over budget for what needs atm and the decathlon non-road models are made of gas pipe with extra lead.

    The Wiggins Chartres might be ok? Used is also OK, does planet X or others do very basic 26" wheeled bikes?

    [living in Northern Ireland means ebay is tricky most sellers simply won't ship...and nobody pays the extra for a branded bike so splashing on a Frog/Hoy/Islabike is just pointless]

    Tx :)

  • Have you looked at decathlon? They do pretty good bikes, got a road one excellent value for money. Cancel that just read all your post - oops

  • Their road one is really good indeed and so are the higher end models.

    But mini Westland complains about the wrists (he's on a Hoy track bike atm with riser bars) so we decided to get him a mtb/hybrid.

  • It might be a little harder and won't achieve the same surface a dry environment would, but from chatting to my mate who does this a lot, it's perfectly doable. He suggests making sure the surface is properly dry before searing, and for cuts like these with large pieces of fat, crisping them up before bagging.

    On balances the advantages of the SV for me are worth it over oven cooking (1) moister, 2) timing flexibility, 3) less smell indoors, and of course the biggest certainty)

    @coventry_eagle - idk if it's anywhere near you, but these guys in Spitlefields were really helpful and have a great selection of aged beef: The Butchery Ltd E1 - 6a Lamb St, Spitalfields, London E1 6EA

    @aggi - cheers. I've been reading that site this week.

  • Could buy a rigid 90s mtb frame set? And fit some nice 2nd hand (more modern though) components to it? That’s what I did for my mini me. Set it up with bmx stem and bars as well so it’s a very relaxed riding position.

  • But mini Westland complains about the wrists

    Tell him to HTFU?

  • Yep that will work too.

    I just cannot be bothered atm to build a bike up (things to do...) and getting parts means £ or spending a lot of time searching for cheap stuff.

    Halfords here we come... ? :)

  • After I tell him to consider cycle training ;)

    It started recently, he's been growing a lot and I think it is just too much of a drop now. His mates are all on MTBs so something with big tyres may suit him better than a road/track bike.

  • he nearly fits on my 26" old MTB (I am 5"5) but Vitus (CRCs) brand stops at 24 inch for kids bikes

    The fit chart for the Vitus Vee City says the small works for people from 5'2". All the little oiks in London's famous London seem to be riding around on niners, so he'll be bang on trend

  • You are welcome.

  • Search bar has failed me - I think I remember seeing a thread for people to request people to take their surveys (mainly academics). Mrs velohobbit has needs data for MSc so hoping I can pop it somewhere and get a few submissions! Thanks

  • I need a cheap narrow wide chainring 104 bcd 34 t.

    There is with chinese things @ uk stock. How to spot who really ships from uk not from china

    Price 10£ with shiping

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Any question answered...

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