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  • I kinda want it for my 650c track build… That'd be cute.

  • Was this ever a thing?

    It was a thing, but it was a bad thing.

  • Not sure if it is an appropriate place to ask but I have purchased a brand new frameset and came across a problem.
    I thought the frameset was announced for clearing 700*32C wheels, but when I started assembling I saw that the fork does not clear my 700*28C wheel, on the front side only (see pictures below):

    Reading again the description, it stated that the frame clears 700*32C tires, there is no mention of the tire clearance for the front.
    Waiting for the website answer on the problem as the fact that it does clear on the rear of the fork and not the front makes me think that it could be a manufacturing defect.
    If it is not a manufacturing defect, why proposing a different clearance on the frame and the fork?

    And just for my personal information would it be a dumb idea to file 1 or 2mm just on the centerto allow the tire to fit?
    It does seem that the area below the caliper hole has a good amount of material, and in my point of view the only important force that is area is subject to would be under heavy braking but during braking wouldn't the load be more direct on the area above the caliper hole when the wheel is spinning forward?
    I am waiting for an answer of the shop and not decided on filing anyway, it is just to have other point of view but I reckon it is never truly good to remove some material

  • Should be fine to file a bit off, seen it done before.

  • But if it's chromed you'll fuck the finish up.

  • I think so too or at least I remember seeing people talk about it but asked to see if there was any more "backed-up" or "technical" answer if it makes sens.
    any opinion @mdcc_tester ?

  • any opinion mdcc_tester ?

    The amount you'd have to file off to make the tyre safe would make the fork unsafe.

  • even if I think it would be a small filing, I was really not very comfortable with doing this anyway so depending on the reply, I will probably send back the frameset. thanks!

  • Oh great cloud mind, please recommend a mattress that you've owned for years and still like to sleep on.

    Requirements: Firm, won't soften up so much that you feel like you're sleeping on Mark Francois' brain.

    Any love for IKEA? Our last one cost a fortune, price does not predict durability it seems. Our current one has gone from firm to medium in 2.5 years.

  • Cannot help much. Last time I owned a firm mattress from new I bought it from the bed shop on East St off Walworth road, had about a year before moving out of that flat but it was incredibly firm and comfortable for a ‘cheap’ mattress. I miss it.

    I now sleep on a futon marketed for westerners (Futon Shop), and it can’t get any softer, it’s a futon. Probably not what you’re after, but I love it. I have no qualms.

  • We have this (from 6 years ago)­tners-natural-collection-hemp-4000-comfo­rt-support-king-size-firm-tension-pocket­-spring-mattress/p3659608. It is not quite as firm as on day one, but still a delight to return to after a trip away.

    Would recommend trying them (when not sleepy), with the advice that test mattresses in shops are likely as soft as they will ever be (due to people bouncing around on them lots).

  • I like the IKEA ones, and they seem pretty durable, but I feel like their ratings are one above where they should be so Firm = Medium etc. Probably not going to do you much good if you want a proper firm mattress.

  • What about one of those new mattress companies that offer a 100 night return policy if you’re not satisfied? They deliver and collect for free. Can’t remember the name now but I remember the advert

  • Any love for IKEA?

    Mine (sultan skymning, discontinued) is far better than it should be considering the modest price, my weight, and the fact that I've had it about 15 years.

  • Can’t remember the name


  • Eve I think was the one I was remembering but I’m sure there are several competitors that offer the same.
    I think they’re quite spendy

  • I've got three days in Toronto with nothing much planned. Never been there before.

    What to do?
    Which area to hang out in? And who can recommend a reasonable place to stay? Hotel rather than hostel.

  • Just buy from a solid reputable source. We bought a new bed from Warren Evans about 18 months ago and specced a medium-firm mattress. After about three months it started to get softer, to the point I was getting lower back pain. Then Warren Evans went tits up and out warranty went with them :(

  • Can recommend the Windsor Arms Hotel. Quirky but plush.

  • I wouldn’t have an issue with grinding a few mm off the inside of the crown tbh, but that doesn’t mean you should have to. It was advertised as being 32mm compatible, and it clearly isn’t. Sent it back and get a refund or one that fits.

  • Windsor Arms Hotel

    Almost a £1000 for three nights :-S
    Perhaps you could suggest the area I am most likely to want to eat breakfast in and I work out a reasonable distance from that?

  • The Beaches, Toronto Island and Kensington Market are all worth visiting.

  • as I said, upon reading more closely it is precised for the frame but for the fork nothing is mentioned so they might say that this was not advertised as 32C compatible. I just mounted the wheels and nothing more so I will be able to send it back anyway which is certainly what I will do as I am not comfortable with modifying anything directly on the frame even if it would not be structurally okay. thanks for the feedback :)

  • I have an Otty which is still firm after a couple of years. Kept its firmness better than the (admittedly cheaper) IKEA mattresses that I'd previously had. It seems to be the firmest of those new mattress companies.

    If you're not fussy it's worth keeping an eye on their eBay stores. They have refurbs (returned and deep steam cleaned) for about half price (and often another discount when eBay do discounts).

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Any question answered...

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