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  • too many unknowns. you could either be reasonably aero already or just powering through the wall of air and still have the same time. the latter would benefit more.

  • Yes. The other thing that makes me wonder is that the course in question (Lea Valley circuit) is quite twisty and has 600ft elevation. By the time I've factored in the position changes from the clip on bars, vs being able to stay in position on the drops/hoods for the duration, I'm expecting to lose most of the benefit. The only way to find out is try, though, I suppose.

  • Depends on the bars, the bike geo, your ability to tuck, and so on.

    Are you currently riding in the drops with bent elbows? Can’t remember the link off the top of my head but it might have been Specialized or something, the Win Tunnel?

    Riding in an aggressive drops position is a massive aero gain over riding tops, unless you can already get your forearms flat on top and duck yourself really low when on the hoods.

  • get your forearms flat on top and duck yourself really low when on the hoods.

    That's the position that I try and hold, getting forearms at 90 degrees to the ground

  • How do I stop the Brexit party and UKIP posting election communication to me using my name and address? I can just about put up with those generic flyers but with those addressed to my name, I am fucking ashamed.

  • You can't. Political parties have legal access to the full electoral roll. Be glad it costs them to have their propaganda delivered.

  • Send them a letter saying you're a Marxist Jewish refugee fleeing persecution in Lithuania ( preferably wrapped around a dog turd).

  • It's annoying when you are having a good morning and ready to roll for the day, get to your front door only to find Nigel's face smiling at you... it sickens me.

  • Take it to the smallest room in the house, look at it and say 'you are in front of me, and will shortly be behind me'.

  • forearms at 90 degrees to the ground


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  • Would changing tires, on a 29er ss mtb, used for 50/50 road/(gentle) offroad, from 2.1 medium nobbly to 1.9 mild nobbly make a revalatory improvement on the road while only slightly negatively impacting the offroad or will the changes pretty much cancel each other out?

  • The size change is a negative all round, but changing to a smoother tyre will improve tarmac enjoyment a lot and might even be a positive on some off road surfaces too. Only soft mud and sand need a lot of tread.

  • Thanks. Narrower tire is generally better no? Moar road bike like = moar faster?

  • Narrower tire is generally better no?

    Only if you're going fast enough for the lower aerodynamic drag to overcompensate the higher rolling resistance.

  • Fast enough is never how fast I'm going

  • Glad someone spotted this. I realised late last night and couldn’t stop laughing.

  • Anyone know about the Campagnolo Comp One chainset? And the Over Torque system that it uses?

  • They were right to discontinue it

  • That’ll be why you can pick them up cheap I guess.

    The hunt continues

  • Went into Evans on Friday and asked for a pair of KMC 11-speed Shimano missing links. Didn't realise until later that afternoon that the sticker on on the packet says 'KMC 11spd CAMPAG C/LINK'.

    The links themselves have CL555R stamped on them, which as far as I can tell is Shimano/SRAM. I can't even find any reference to Campag-specific CL555 links.

    Is the sticker wrong?

  • Popcorn has it's own thread so how have frozen sausages avoided a thread for so long?

  • mini me has chipped the bottom of his laptop screen. There’s a small section of glass missing.

    I wouldn’t know but I’m hoping it’s not bad enough to impact its use as the image isn’t affected. Would it be sensible to fill it in?

    Or does it need someone who knows what they’re doing to actually take a look at it

  • I've mended a touchscreen kindle fire with sellotape before. Worked fine.
    Fill it, tape it, job done.

  • Re. KMC chain links above, this is the offending item. I'm still thinking the label is wrong, but really don't want to risk the consequences of not being right. Will probably take it back at lunchtime and ask them to explain.

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  • I thought 11 speed road stuff was all compatible so chain links would be fine.

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Any question answered...

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