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  • Tempted at this stage to just nuke server and start again (again). I've never used WordPress but have a project that requires lots of regular updates from different people, so it seems a CMS rather than html5/very limited jquery will be a better basis to build it.
    I found a template to speed things along but I've had this situation happen 3 times and I'm getting fucked off. Can't tell if it's end user idiocy or a buggy template.

  • Ohh get the fiery helmet 8-)

  • Can you stop me?

    No, but I can egg you on...

  • Might go back for the air compressor multi tool, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be dropping >£150 by the time I’ve bought everything necessary. That’s £150 I should be dropping on the cargo bike.

  • Your server is running PHP version 5.3.28 but WordPress 5.2 requires at least 5.6.20.

    Well that doesn't sound good. Your DB is probably on a different virtual environment, so is reporting the PHP version there. Assuming you are using commercial hosting.

    Can't you just use a host that provides WP as a service?

  • I'd prefer to use current hosting - been with them for years and friendly with owner etc. There is a module or some such that installs WP from Control Panel which is what I've been doing.

    Just to clarify - I was able to see the site live and running fine yesterday afternoon, so presume in my effort to log into WP (which on searching seems to be a very common problem) I ballsed up the DB? I've sent a note to the hosting chap to see if he can see anything obvious but am resigned to nuking. Would love to know why WP decides I can't log in though. Have had it happen a number of times and have had to nuke each time.

  • Just dug out my Ultegra 6800 wheelset after they've been hung up for 2 years, with a view to sell. They've done just under 500 miles and as you'd expect spin flawlessly etc etc. There is however, upon the closest ear to the hub inspection, a tiny swish noise where the hub turns against the seal (one side is fixed to the hub, the other isn't). Can't be heard otherwise - There is not an iota of roughness or hindrance, they spin and return immediately to valve hole at 1200 position. Is this just a result of newness that will disappear?

  • Online healthcare information providers, is there much difference between them? The choice is
    Patient Access
    Evergreen Life
    (feel the power of "patient choice" and competitive marketisation) I found this but it only details 2 of them­vices/Pages/gp-services-choice-1.aspx

  • Thanks. That’s all I needed to hear.

  • I use a supernova mount

  • If you haven’t already check which your local GP work with or recommend?

    Mine recommended evergreen a couple years ago, I have successfully booked appt online, definitely isn’t yielding all my records to me though.

  • Looking for an ahead stem:

    • for classic 1 1/8e steerer tube
    • 26mm clamp
    • available in 70mm length (if available in 60/70/80/90 even better)
    • angle either 6 or 10°
    • preferably silver and not too big looking if it does make sense

    Ideally deda logo is what would be perfect, except it is black and not quite the look I am looking for.
    Found Simworks by nitto stems exactly what I would like to have but $$$.
    EDIT: if you know where simworks by nitto stem can be bought in european website (to avoid customs etc.), also interested

    Any other options to recommend?

  • Any other options to recommend?

    Get new handlebars

  • Haha thought about it but I like my Deda compact which is in 26mm and try to limit the cost

  • Any other options to recommend?

    Oven cleaner/caustic soda. Once you have accepted that you're going to strip the anodising off something black, the world is your oyster

  • I thought about polishing with sandpaper to remove the black but never thought about caustic soda might be worth a try! thanks

  • Did they have a bunch of other air compressor compatible bits and pieces? I’ve got the parkside compressor but the only accessory I have is a tyre inflator, would be good to add a few more whilst they’ve got them, plus a long coil hose would be very very useful if they’ve got one.

  • I like my Deda compact which is in 26mm and try to limit the cost­andle-bar/

  • you might get simworks from Freshtripe in cambridge

  • thanks for the suggestions that should help me get moving!

  • Yup. The five piece accessory kit, two and four way splitter, multi tool, sand blaster. And a hefty hefty spade chisel whatever attachment

  • They sent a list of 5 with no preference - but I will maybe ask them.

  • If I attach clip on bars, how much faster can I roughly assume I'd be able to go over ten miles? Current best is 22.3mph. Would 1mph faster be realistic? I understand that single change would have the biggest impact (assuming position is sorted)?

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Any question answered...

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