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  • I'll check with the mechanic at my LBS who lives in that direction and raced or did race regularly at Hillingdon. He is the only person I know who will know the rat runs as if there are any he will be using them for his daily commute.

  • Cheers, gonna give them a go. I have a thing about Paypal, but my credit card has excellent customer service, so worse case I can request to cancel the payment or whatever that thing is called.

  • My CC recently came through for me in a case where a seller based in China claimed to be in Austria and sold me shoes that were nothing like what I ordered.

  • Set up a tent at the circuit and start living there. :)

    Not helpful, I know, but yes, the Uxbridge Road is the only way to go.

  • How does it actually work? I have (touch wood) never had to deal with an incident like this.

    The company seems to be really based in the UK. That says, they seems one of those really slow and old fashioned companies or a complete scam. I placed my order about 20 mins ago and still haven't gotten a confirmation email nor am I able to log into my newly created account, so we will see.

    I have taken screen shots of the checkout steps, so it should OK.

  • How'd you do subscript?

    Use HTML tags, also works for superscript

  • Has anyone ever gotten sheet steel cut in china or online by sending them drawings?

    Looking to buy the steel and get it cut in the same place then delivered to uk.

  • Whats the best dynamo mount for the sinewave beacon light?

  • Evening,
    What adapter do I need to stick a post mount Spyre on this Straggler fork?

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  • What adapter do I need

    Shimano SM-MA-F160P/S or equivalent - all the usual suspects have versions to do this.

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  • Ignore me, I've sussed it. Thanks :)

  • My mistake was not doing what you have - I didn't check for phone numbers, addresses, emails et cetera. The whole site is in German so props to them for going all the way ;)
    As soon as I ordered I thought of all the above and attempted to cancel, but got no answer until after the shoes were sent out...
    I immediately contacted Mastercard, but the whole process couldn't begin until well after the order had been placed, but it all worked out in the end.

  • How did you work out they were in China then?

    Well my order was dispatched mid night, or at least this is when I got my email, so it is a bit fishy as mid night UK time is between 7-9am in China depends on where you are. For a UK company that clocks off an hour early on Fri and with no customer service over the weekend, something doesn't add up... but we shall see if anything will turn up in a couple of days time...

  • My receipt looked suspiciously asian coming from an Austrian company.
    Good luck, and as a friend once said to another many decades ago after the other found himself sleeping in a small lake in a corner of a tent: 'Think of it as an experience'.
    I honestly figured it would be a total loss but it didn't turn out that way.

  • Any ideas for somewhere to eat near Exeter Airport on Saturday night and then breakfast Sunday morning before 8am?

  • The same day dispatch up to 8pm suggests they are right next to a DPD main hub and have got a very late pickup.
    Probably just a shit website.

  • Was on a budget so tried some Rhino Heli-Tape (£8 for two bikes worth) which seems decent enough, although yellowing over time could still occur

  • Airport isn't far from the city or there's a number of small villages (Rockbeare) within a mile or so with pub fayre -

  • You are down near me...

    Exeter airport you either have the choice of going into Exeter, where there are a few decent places. Or if you want somewhere nearby then Jack in the Green in Rockbeare does really good pub food. For breakfast I would normally send people to Darts Farm, but they don't open till 8...

    If it is this weekend, be aware that it is Devon County Show, so everything will be that bit busier.

  • For DA7710 cranks on a road fixed (ie outdoor) bike, should I go with the 5500 105 v1 BB or the 7710 BB? Prevailing wisdom seems to be the 105 because it's cheaper and sealed, but CRC is selling the 7710 BB for only £8 more. Guide me, advise me. TIA.

  • My package is now with the postman en route, so probably yeah just a shit website...

  • Please, please stop me...

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  • Not a wordpress whiz but am bluffing my way through a new site for a project. I tried to log in last night and it wouldn't let me login via

    Didn't give an invalid password error or anything but ok. I tried to trigger a password reset via my email. No email ever arrived.

    This morning I tried again and read that by deleting the htaccess file, then manually resetting the password via MariaDB could help. Did that.

    Now when I try to load I get:

    Your server is running PHP version 5.3.28 but WordPress 5.2 requires
    at least 5.6.20.

    But also, inside the only database I have on the server:

    PHP version: 7.2.17
    Version information: 4.8.5 (up to date) (up to date)


  • ^^ I'm not entirely sure why this is in AQA, but...

  • Sorry, a question phrased as a statement.

    Can you stop me?

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Any question answered...

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