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  • More like 24 hours - longer still if cold, and possibly much longer still if using rattlecan to avoid issues with the paint having a different solvent base (spray paint won't play nicely if there is any residual water in the primer). I left my last project in the loft in summer for a week between Kurust and brush on enamel...

  • wait an hour

    The instructions say 3 hours. There's a little propylene glycol methyl ether in there, but otherwise it's basically a cold bluing solution, what doesn't get consumed in the conversion reaction will just wash off with water. As MrE says, making sure it's properly dry before painting is important.

  • Not got the research paper but I’ve had EMDR if you have any questions from a patient’s perspective.
    It worked but fuck me it was strange, first session (and then a few more times) dry heaving into the psychologist’s waste paper bin was a highlight!

  • Do the Dynasis 11 chainrings that come with a XT M8000 double chainset need a specific chain to run quietly?

    Trying to run it as a single ring on a SS setup but something is making a lot of chattering/rumbling noises.

    Using a KMC 8 speed chain. Chainline seems fine.

    EDIT: it was a farked sprocket. Duh

  • How's the chain line?

  • Is longevity the reason for a making a fender washer out of leather, rather than old inner tube?

  • Does anyone know of an LBS that'll stock sks mudguard bolts? Just fitted some bluemels and discovered there was one missing. I'm in E7 but commute to kentish Town so if anyone knows of anywhere in between the 2?

  • is cross posting on threads to get your sale stuff seen verboten? against the rules?

  • Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

  • well thanks for that reply old forum timer, Im not sure Velocio would completely agree but I hear you

  • Having made both, I think leather is quieter (with stainless mudguards) - not too difficult to try for yourself?

  • Which one? You'll probably find some spares from old guards in most shops.

  • What have you done to that D-S?

  • @amey these bikes can be worked into a logo?

  • I d like to buy a US frame,
    the quote on ebay for shipping is 160 !

    Would there be a cheaper way?

  • Inner tube will break down sooner I think, cork is an option as well.
    Use whatever you have, chances are you'll change things up before whatever's in there will fall apart.

  • The joy of draping some cow skin over your bike just can't be ignored.

  • I have searched but didn’t find anything up to date / relevant - although I’m sure this has been covered..

    What’s the best way to imbed/upload a series of photos? e.g for a ‘clearout’ thread in the classifieds. Which of the online photo hosts is easiest? I’m sure years ago I used to use photobucket and it would give you a sting of HTML that would embed as many photos as you want, I vaguely remember I tried with google photos last time I tried and ended up uploading them direct to LFGSS 5 at a time, surely there’s a better way?


    I believe people have used this sort of stuff with good effect, and no cows have to die 👍🏻

  • If you just want the pictures on a post at the end and there are 5 or fewer then click on the "Upload a file" at the bottom and just do it that way.

    If you want them in a specific place or you want more than 5 then I tend to send myself a PM (go on Messages", click "Send Message" don't put anyone in the to field) with the pictures attached (you need some text in the message as well as attachments or it won't work) and then link to those in my actual post (i.e. right click on the picture in the PM to get the image address and paste in to the post on the forum after selecting Image).

  • That's how I feel when the Mrs is on the tandem.

  • That’s one workaround, cheers!

  • Thanks! - was more a question about me having tubes but no leather, but no real hassle to test as you say.

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Any question answered...

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