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  • would like to know the hive mind/experiences before I go out and buy a width

    Just buy 800mm and a hacksaw. Other people are probably not the same morphology as you, so their experience isn't going to be that helpful.

  • I need to replace the jockey wheels on my Shimano 5800 GS rear derailluer (medium length). The standard shimano upper wheel has long teeth. They also don't use bearings in the jockey wheels.

    TACX, BBB and other brands sell ones with sealed bearings for not much more. These replacement options don't have long teeth on the upper. Will this cause issues?

  • We use the tacx ones at work, seem like an upgrade for anything under ultegra, 4050 for that mech.

  • And use the 'A' little push in spacers.

  • I got the El Guapo stupidly wide ones from PX. They are 760, according to the email confirmation from months ago. I found them ‘kind-of’ wide. They felt wiiiide for the whole of five minutes and after that just normal. That’s the singlespeed rigid mtb though. They were way too wide for traffic.

  • Thanks folks. Bought some 710mm ones that looked good (cheap). Will report back once I accidentally knock some car mirrors off.

  • Question about car insurance.

    I only started driving a couple of years ago when my son was born (2017?)
    I use my wife's car. She hadn't really driven since she passed her test but bought a car the year before he was born.
    She has had a full license for 16 years but started driving again (and being insured) in 2016. That gives her a 3 year no claims bonus.
    I am on the insurance as a named driver / spouse of registered owner/keeper etc.
    Is it worth me sucking up the extra cost to have my own insurance (or I'll effectively never have any no claims bonus myself) or is that not a thing? I'm being quoted 600 for the most basic comp insurance. She's being quoted 375 (windscreen/acident/courtesy car). Both with a £500 excess. Is a NCB worth it (in which case, carry on using hers or start my own) or will our age and time since passing a test be more relevant in the future? Neither have ever had any accidents/claims etc.

  • Follow up - when insurers say windscreen cover is included, is that subject to the 500 excess generally or is that a separate thing. We had a screen replaced before and I can't recall if we had to pay the excess or instead we paid some other arbitrary 'window fee'.

  • when insurers say windscreen cover is included, is that subject to the 500 excess generally or is that a separate thing

    Read the small print, sometimes there's zero excess on screen replacement/repair, sometimes it's reduced excess compared with the main cover. Also bear in mind that if you do claim for a screen, in most cases it's still a claim and your NCB gets knocked back, but again sometimes it isn't, and sometimes a repair isn't a claim but a replacement is. The word "minefield" springs to mind.

  • We got our side windows smashed parked in the street (not for the purposes of stealing anything, just a gobshite with a catapult). And then a chip on the windscreen which was too big to repair so needed replacement - all within last 3 years and apparently didn't get a hit on her NCB - different insurers each time. Minefield seems correct. Bleugh.

  • As @mdcc_tester says, typically windscreen/key replacement will carry zero or £50 excess. I'd say it's worth either getting your own insurance or looking for an insurance company (there are a couple though can't remember off hand) who let you build NCD as a named driver (Google it). Also worth paying the few extra quid for protected NCD.

  • Eddie Hall is doing a bit of cycling, so it's worth finding out what the world's strongest man is riding

  • Oh really, I certainly will, and at 150kgs, my brother is a comparative mountain goat!

  • E-bike of some sort...

  • where can I get 4LR44 battery in London today?

  • Tesco or Sainos (proper one - not the local stores)

  • what camera did you buy now?

  • please tell me you also got the optional cherry wood grip

  • nope, i want to put a strap .. how?

  • Who does the golfer Nick Faldo remind me of?

  • Harrison Ford?

  • golfer Nick Faldo

    Excuse me? Sir Nick Faldo for you, mate.

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Any question answered...

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