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  • Looks like Record to me (3 Ti sprockets rather than 6)

  • Yep, that's right - ideal. Many thanks

  • Cheers. Could you use it to make r stuff like pesto and humous?

    @mdcc_tester - I worry that might be a bit big to get approval.

  • Hmmm, it doesn’t like things that are too dry, just throws them up away from the blades and doesn’t actually blend/chop them.

  • OK. Thanks that's really helpful.

  • Thinking about what @jj72 said, I have seen some incredibly large people riding bike-shaped-objects, but never something of quality. I’d question whether quality is synonymous with strength.

    I know that it’s a pretty lame example but I’d consider it as cheap denim vs silk. Are there really low end components that are heavy and overbuilt that will withstand greater abuse than high end?

    I’d expect Thomson et al to break, because I envisage they shave grams off to keep performance high, as their range of users is 10st lighter than you’re thinking, but they maybe have a grey area of avoid-lawsuit-strength.

    Maybe the engineers will get angry with this, but if bike/component weight isn’t the issue, then are steel/heavy components going to have a lower risk of catastrophic failure at the extreme end? I’m thinking a thick walled steel seat tube will be better than alloy?

  • Maybe the engineers will get angry

    Not angry, but they will want to add a caveat. There's more to strength than just how much metal you use. Taking just the typical steels used for seat tubes, a BSO made from mild steel will need to be more twice the weight of a good 4130 frame just to have the same strength.

  • But a 4130 frame that's twice the weight is gonna be solid.


  • amirite?

    Yes, you can make a thing stronger by using more of the same material in the right place. A custom frame could be built in arbitrarily heavy gauge 4130 to take almost any load. There are some custom shops who have experience of building for riders well north of 200kg; for obvious reasons, these tend to be in the USA.

  • Thorn Cycles have a bit in their catalogue about the Nomad being strong enough for power lifters. An expensive option though

  • He can get himself a cargo bike :)

  • just rode through parliament. why is it motorcyclists in particular that are protesting about the prosecution of soldier f?

  • What about a wand-type thingy?
    We have a Dynamic Mini-Pro (I know) that'll puree lumber.

  • why is it motorcyclists in particular that are protesting about the prosecution of soldier f?

    The history of political motorcycling is bound up with war veterans

  • Angle grinder fitted with a wire brush?

  • Stupid question but don't want to get it wrong. What bolt thru axle do I need to buy for Columbus Futura disc forks?

  • Starchem synstrip if you want chemicals

  • Sounds absolutely terrifying.
    And effective.

  • What bolt thru axle do I need to buy

    You shouldn't need to buy one, the axle is supposed to come with the fork. It's 12×100 E-Thru, so Shimano SM-AX720-100x12 should work if you've lost the original

  • Great thank you!

  • Wide bars on fixeh: how wide (is too wide)?

  • how wide (is too wide)?

    If you're uncomfortable with your hands at the outer ends of the bars, they are too wide.

  • I would like to know the hive mind/experiences before I go out and buy a width. Currently look at 700mm.

  • 700 is entry level wide these days

  • would like to know the hive mind/experiences before I go out and buy a width

    Just buy 800mm and a hacksaw. Other people are probably not the same morphology as you, so their experience isn't going to be that helpful.

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Any question answered...

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