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  • 6001 1DU is what came out of my knackered rear hub.
    I've never had to change a front one.

  • Anyone else's gmail visually fucked right now? No colour, lines overlapping et cetera?

  • No its just you!!! OK on chrome firefox and android

  • fuck me, I'm on chrome, I'll try safari

  • gmail visually fucked

    On which app/device? If it's a web page, it sounds like a failure to load the right .css, which can often be fixed by a simple Ctrl+F5 or whatever the equivalent is on your platform.

  • I'm on an older Macbook Pro 15"

  • Looks like this.

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  • Too weird. Did like you suggested and it worked, hit refresh and it goes back to fucked.

  • Apparently my cookie and cache clean up last week left a few crumbs lying around - did another one and now it's all good.
    Thanks @mdcc_tester

  • So pal's saddle on here conformed as fake and to get eggs in a row also by Selle San Marco themselves.
    What is next course if action for him (he wanted to confirm unequivocally so hasn't contacted seller yet? The facts
    Sold as genuine (well not a copy) and brand new (was neither)
    Paid for using Paypal goods/services
    Not sent via recorded delivery.

    Naturally he is reticent to contact and return, partly to have to cover return postage but more so risk of no refund from seller?


  • If he paid with PP Goods & Services there's pretty much no chance of not getting his money back from what I've read - eBay/PP are notorious for siding with the buyer and this case seems pretty legit.

    Not sure what the rules are about paying for return postage, but I think he should be entitled to sending it back at seller's cost too (or not at all if the seller doesn't want it back, obviously).

    Contact seller > See if they give a refund > If not, open eBay dispute > If still no resolution open PP dispute.

  • Yeah, that's my understanding; was bought outside eBay though still through Paypal goods/services. The main point was wanted to simply bypass communication with the original seller (as trust is lost and fear of being scammed again) so think I may advise he goes through first Paypal stage (where I think Paypal basically forward issue to buyer to deal with) then if no joy escalate. Many thanks

  • Yeah go straight to PayPal.

  • Ah I see. On eBay they do make you contact the seller first, to see if it can be resolved without their intervention. Not sure if PP do it that way too, but yeah no harm to just route all communication through them straight away so it's all on record.

  • @Howard @abr cheers gents; that's what I'll advise; which he'll follow with glee. I think he felt he may be obliged to adhere to some unwritten code of honour (though I did say that code also includes not selling Chinese fakes as genuine - goose and gander and all that). Cheers again

  • Some time ago there were horror stories relating to ebay/paypal demanding proof that any counterfeit goods were destroyed rather than returned to sender. I think you can look online and find the old stuff, for example a buyer claiming an incredibly expensive violin was a fake, and showing photos of it smashed beyond recognition to get their refund.

    The seller was adamant it was genuine, and had a strong based-on-fact suspicion that a second fake/cheap violin was smashed in the photos and the original was conned out of the seller.

    Tl:dr, if it’s fake it may be destroy, not return. (But highly likely return and lose tracked return postage cost)

  • probably a stupid question - what's the best way to get paint off a frame? Last time I did it was with old school nitromors but I hear the recipe isn't what it used to be.

  • He purchased on FB

    Just playing devil's advocate here, but wtf did he expect when trading via a platform which is pretty much the sine qua non of deception? What price did he pay, and at what proportion of the £299.99 RRP do you think an offer is so obviously too good to be true that a reasonable person would know that it must be counterfeit?

    Of course, he'll get his money back from PayPal, and I have no sympathy with the seller, but that doesn't make your mate any less of a bell end unless he takes a long hard look at his gullibility and learns to be a bit sharper in future.

  • I think that you can still buy old school Nitromors (or equivalents). I’ve had messier/slower (but just as successful...) strips through Wilko’s own brand paint stripper.

  • I’m looking at getting a Miche 9-speed cog (16-26) to use 1x9, but I can’t find a n/w ring that will give me the gear inch range I want. If I use a 9/10 speed big ring from a double, will I need a chaincatcher?

  • Did have words 'to that effect' and agree your point but he completely dismiss this as me saying he to some degree deserved to be scammed (obviously this wasn't my intention)- he gradually open ears and mind a bit and got my point which was a gentler version of yours ( think I used numpty instead of b******)

  • Anyone got a spare 1 1/4 stem in 90mm or 100mm I could borrow for testing bike set up?

  • Have a 100mm Canyon/Ritchey one I think

  • If steel, then I find a blowtorch and a wire brush is the easiest and least messy. Bit at a time and don't get it too hot, just enough to melt the paint.

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Any question answered...

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