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  • Works over 4g which I wouldn't trust in my gaff seeing as I can barely take a phone call and seems to need you to be in central london?

  • Yes. I just got a letter saying "hi sucker. £3 extra a month from November"

  • Same.
    Convenient way to leave the contract if you want, leave for BT and they'll call back to give you a good deal.

  • I'm also in the market for broadband, the catch is we're in the process of selling up and moving in with the in-laws, so don't want to be tied into a 12-18month contract. Any recommendations for rolling contracts, or providers with small exit fees?


  • Eh.
    "Hey fuck you virgin! I'm off to bt, you're breaching my contract!"
    "No stay, I'll stop you paying that £3!"

  • Depends who serves your property. You may be able to get BT Infinity (it may come with a phone line but that's by the by), new builds often have some other service wired in, I looked at Relish but you had to be really central for that.

    Best bet is to threaten to leave Virgin, can generally get the price fixed so the increases don't apply.

  • Same same.

    Think I'm going to switch to Vodafone as they're my handset provider.

    I pay 50 a month. It was supposed to be 49 but crept by up 3 every year since I had it to 55. I said I was going to leave and they reduced it to 50 when I moved house. A month in and get a letter saying it's rising to 53.

    I had previously stuck with them as at the house in Brighton I was getting proper fast speeds from their Vivid 200 thing.

    I'm supposed to be on the same service but my top download speed at the new house has never been above 100 and is usually between 5 and 30. Currently on 6.

  • I’ve got Relish, works well in our small flat- family of 3.

  • Relish is OK but not particularly fast
    BT Infinity is fast as fuck but also expensive as fuck

  • NON FTTC BT Infinity is fast as fuck


  • Spatr can you come and network my house pls and sort out an isp k thnx

  • Broadband - fibre / fast
    Internet only

    How fast? 40Mb.s-1 for £25 per month all in on Vodafone, a bit less if they are also your mobile provider, a bit more if you want 80Mb.s-1

  • Does anyone know the cheapest way to ship a (Ritchey break-away) from the US of A to Europe?

  • I'm with Zen Broadband and I'm really happy with them. I just pay for an ADSL connection and line rental on a monthly rolling contract. Previously I was with IDNet on a monthly rolling but they got too expensive to justify the cost.

  • Can i use a 19-24c latex tube in a 25c tire (and not die)?

  • If you can tell me a film in which Ray Liotta plays a nice person?

  • Muppets In Space in which he plays a security guard.

    Though if you're talking canon it may not count as in a later installment, Muppets Most Wanted, he has fallen in with the wrong crowd and goes by 'Big Papa'.

  • Did anyone ever got an Izumi Track chain silent? I've been riding the Jet Black for over a year now and it never really stopped making noise.
    I tried both dry and wet lube from Muc-Off (dry lube never really worked and wet lube caught all the dirt it could catch), WD-30 at some point (had to relube every 2-3 days) and now I'm using Squirt dry wax. Squirt seems to work at least for a week or two and keeps the chain clean.

  • If I only take the national rail within London, like stations that accept Oayter card, would the max cap for a day travel card also apply? Is it about £8?

    Gotta take the cat to the vet and not sure if I can be bothered to go home and get my bike to go places and then drop bike and pick her up in the evening. Might just take the train for the whole day if the daily cap also applies... especially the trips to and from vet will already be like a few pounds.

    (places I need to go are easier with trains than tubes and I hate buses 🙄)


  • The cap is for the zone of travel, doesn't matter if it's national rail or tube. I think there's only the high-speed train and some of the airport trains that don't fall under the normal oyster charge.

  • Did anyone ever got an Izumi Track chain silent?

    I doubt it. If you want quiet, get a Wippermann 1Z1 and learn to live with the slightly challenging aesthetic.

  • Cheers thanks. It’d just be zone 1 and 2.

    This shows how infrequent I travel on public transport... 😬

  • I've found Izumi's are never quiet on certain sprockets/chainrings. At the moment I'm using Dura Ace for both and it's OK but does get noisy if it goes dry.

  • Also been with Virgin Media for like 8 years now. Mostly as our house didn't have a BT line when we moved in.
    And getting quite tired of their annual hike of £3-5 which they are always quick at justifying as being for our benefit and I'm just an ungrateful young man.
    Still, we managed to go down from £53 a month (incl. Smallest tv package) to £30.
    They have some packages which they don't advertised. Our Internet is limited (24Gb a month or something) but just as fast as ever.

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Any question answered...

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