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  • I have access to one but in Reading so probably no use for you?

  • Hmmm, thanks for the response.

    I had hoped PX would have a specific removable hanger in stock.

  • Cheers - vaguely trying to avoid DIYing if at all possible and just pass it off with a budget to someone who can cut them and colour from start to finish - it's 15-20 designs/shapes (around a few inches h & w each) with various fairly complicated bits of printing (colour accurate, follow a vector type thing). I'm in Plymouth so would likely need to be remote.

  • Any recommendations for a Windows program for erasing USB flash drives that doesn't require administrator permissions?

    Everything I can find seems to require administrator rights.

  • Any recommendations for a program for erasing USB flash drives

  • Erased but usable, I should probably mention that.

    Basically I don't want to get sued if I lose a flash drive and someone finds it and recovers deleted files.

  • Why can't you get admin rights?

  • Make a sound file roughly the size of the flash drive then copy it to the drive

    (empty the recycle bin first, providing it behaves the same way as the Mac trash, I can't remember)

  • A 64GB sound file would be a bit hefty (guess I could find a smaller drive).

    It's a work laptop so no admin rights (on the flip side it means I wouldn't personally be sued).

  • It's your employer's problem then!

  • They've "solved" the problem, they gave us encrypted flash drives.

    Arguments like: these things don't work on Macs or the kind of companies who'd sue us are the kind of companies that will refuse to run a random .exe file (to unlock the encrypted flash drive) on our say so, don't seem to hold much water.

    I'd lost the will to argue and was just planning to circumvent them by using a normal drive and wiping it each time but it appears that could be trickier than I thought.

  • A 64GB sound file would be a bit hefty

    Doesn't have to be one file, or any particular type of file. I used to have a set of junk files sized in powers of two for testing, so you could assemble arbitrarily sized groups of files by bundling them together. Anything much over 100MB it's easier to find video files of a suitable size. If you want to be thorough, you need files down to the block size of the disc to ensure that you can keeping adding files until the free space is nominally zero, i.e. all blocks have been overwritten with junk.

  • I'm probably not the right person then. I could cut stuff from a dxf but beyond that I'm no good.

  • You could get a live cd version of linux and then format the usb drive with that?

  • Formatting doesn't actually really write data.

  • No but it removes the restrictions so you can then do whatever you want with the newly marked as empty space without administrator?

  • The problem here was more about recoverable files. Even with a completely missing File Allocation Table, you can tell where certain files begin and end because of file format characteristics.

  • There are options for LiveCDs and the like but that's more faff than I'm looking for. I really just want something basic that writes a load of ones and zeros to the drive so that anything that was there can't be recovered. All the ones I can find seem to be bundled in with partition tools, formatting, etc

    I guess the lack of obvious solution may mean there isn't one.

  • DBAN (Darik's Boot And Nuke) is the go to bootable Linux distribution for this kind of thing.

    Just check (double check and triple check) that you aren't erasing the HDD in the laptop.

  • DBAN is my go-to for wiping HDDs, bit of an overkill for this.

    I think I may have found a solution­s

  • Why do things further away look smaller? I understand that the objects occupy less of the field of vision but what’s going on physically? Is it because normal light spreads out?

  • what’s going on physically?

    Read this:­ion_science_intro/vision_science_intro.p­hp
    Ask at the end if there's anything you still don't understand.

  • Thanks, I think I need to go back to optics too.

    @Oliver Schick haha I knew that would come up!

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Any question answered...

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