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  • La Passione PSN

    I have a pair of la passione bibshorts that I like a lot, they arent psn ones, they're an older model but I'd happily buy another set from them again. I also like the jersey I got from them

  • Burn the mudguards.

  • I used to just zip tie mine to the brake bridge.

  • 23mm? Do you watch a black & white tv sat on a Formica sideboard?

    Yes, same tyre on a wider rim will sit lower.

    Or cut mudguard in two and bodge some brackets to attach it either side of the caliper, like Raceblades.

  • Center lock lock ring compatibility with alfine dynamo dh-s501? I tried an ultegra cassette lock ring but there seem to be too many threads, it won't tighten all the way to the rotor.

  • Fun fact - these are the gopping white mudguards you sold me! White mudguards - WHY!?

  • If, and it's a big "if", I ever sold you any mudguards (or anything else), then allsalesarefinalnorefundsnoexchangesnowa¬≠rrantyexpressorimplied.

  • PS "Mug".

  • How long can a tubular tyre stay glued safely? I have a track disc that only gets a few uses a year, but I wonder if the glue hardens or gets brittle.

  • I used to just zip tie mine to the brake bridge.

    Boom, £2 for 250 assorted ties from Lidl.

  • Use the brake bridge to support the fender. Make or find a little L-bracket, bolt one side to the fender (you may have to dremel the protruding bit underneath) and hang the other off the brake bolt.

  • How long can a tubular tyre stay glued safely?

    It's possible for the glue to outlive the tyre, but it depends on which glue, how well it was done, and how it is stored.

  • Anyone used bone conduction headphones? Looking for wired ones to try on commute.

  • More likely the contact fails (rolling off) from improper gluing technique than anything else. Just don't hairpin at 60mph.

  • (and @pdlouche) Gotcha, thanks both.

  • Montauk was a very good novel and the place sounded nice. Have not visited, however. I have seen a documentary on The Jersey Shore that leads me to believe that it isn't the place for me.

  • I've not tried their wired ones, but I can recommend Aftershokz. I've got the titanium wireless ones, no complaints whatsoever. Reasonable quality for music, perfect for podcasts etc.

  • Thanks. I'm not expecting studio can quality, just nothing too tinny. Saw a lot of Orient Express stuff when searching the auction site. Will try bag aftershockz below rrp.

  • Does anyone know what retailer sold these? I'm trying to find out how old this might be. Clearly not the best blue 20" kids bike money can buy. Not got much money though.

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  • When people say "we're going to lunch, do you want to join?" is it correct? Shouldn't there be "us" after "join"?

  • No. Yes. Frozen sausages.

  • You could throw an "in" on the end. Noshy nosh nosh. #euphklaxon

  • Thank you. Winds me up. Shouldn't, but does.

  • Weird context-based bastardisation of verb + infinitive, where any other language would use a separable verb or some other form

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Any question answered...

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