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  • Took all of a minute or so, remove plastic, stop the little BBs preventing the pin from coming out. Magnets might be more of a pain depending on how many BBs are in it and how many directions you need to move them in at once.

  • I'm sure a 125kg pull magnet will resolve the BB issue.

  • Although I only got a 25kg pull one, for initial testing purposes.

  • Maybe you should've got 3.

  • I did think of that, then thought that it might be a bit mean to the postman.

  • Because of the steel plate in his head?

  • That, and getting the package out of his van.

  • I don't know, I wanted a DA 1/8" 15t about 3 weeks ago, couldn't find any online, but Brixton Cycles had one in stock for £22.

  • What sort of tag is it?
    Doesn't need to be a strong magnet. It just pulls the pin away from the clasp to release it. If it's got no ink in it, just break the plastic on the opposite side to the pin

  • For the record, I'm not a shop lifter. Just worked in retail for several years.

  • Excellent, ta

  • Is there a way to stop TFL charging the maximum fare when you forget to tap in/out somewhere?
    I got the train into stratford with a paper ticket this morning and totally forgot to tap in on the platform before continuing to N. Greenwich, where I tapped out through the barriers. :(

  • Set up an account and request refund is the only way I think.

  • Fuckers. They really need to have more than one machine inside the station.

  • Do we have any threads on here about general cycling advocacy?

    Via a circuitous series of connections I find myself invited to a meeting between the local council and a local cycling group. I'd be interested to read about other peoples experiences of such meetings before I dive in, and would be particularly interested to hear peoples thoughts on the effectiveness of schemes like Roadsafe and their potential applicability in other UK cities.

    It seems like something that @dancing james @Sanddancer @Oliver Schick or @Velocio might know about?

  • 17 degree 31.8 clamp 90mm stem. Black with easily removable logos.

    Talk to me.

  • kalloy uno. no contest for bang for the buck.
    ebay if you want it pronto. aliexpress if you have time.

  • 3T Arx Team. Available in that size, logos come off easily with acetone.

  • Where in London will I be able to get a ~292mm straight pull black CX-Ray as soon as possible?

  • LMNH workshop is open since 7.30h so I would have started there.

  • Can anyone recommend or even find a cheap carbon disc specific fork with mudguard mounts and a straight steerer?

  • Columbus Hiver, CSN Blackstorm, Kinesis DC07, Dolan winter fork, Deda black rain

  • All those all caliper specific, aren't they?

  • Jayloo and I are getting out of dodge and moving to Cornwall. I haven't been on the forum for so long I don't know what the hell is where anymore. We want to post a big invite to all the OGs for our leaving shindig, but I'm not sure where the best place to post it on the forum would be for maximum visibility?

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Any question answered...

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