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  • Someone has used my email address to apply for a job as a mercenary, should I be concerned?

  • What's the pay like?

  • They have helpfully emailed me their password in an open email so I could log in and have a look at the application.

    There's a Canadian woman who consistently uses my ebay email address to book her dermabrasion and domestic flights too.

  • I bought 3.5, 4 and 5mm. Watch it be M6 now.

  • But of course...

  • Close actually.

    Got home, and the M5 fit. But without realising I'd got some barmy T-25 head with a little bump in the middle which I have no tool for.

  • You need what are known as torx security bits.

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  • So my friend has a pair of Giant PXCR-0 27.5 wheels in the shed he doesn't use. He wants them gone and offered me a great great price, and I was thinking of a smaller wheel set for the off-road stuff anyways.
    Can these be made to fit my Wolverine? The front is a thru-axle for sure, and I cannot find any info on whether the Giant hubs can be fitted with end caps or anything to take a normal QR? I am not sure about the rear yet, hope it's the 135mm hub. Need to have a better look.

  • So I have a Croix de fer and have changed out the brakes with trp hy/rd's the front one works ok but has quite long lever throw, and shudders under heavy breaking. The rear bottoms out on the bar before locking the wheel out. I have used compressionless outers with very little improvement. I am wondering as I am using some older levers (9 speed tiagra) if the throw was wrong, I even tried this (­Uhs

    ) with little effect. Any other ideas, only used to rim brakes so am worried I may be missing something obvious (have centred calliper etc already a few times, nil effect).

  • I'd return the HY/RD's, in my experience they are shit.

  • Ok, I did some more google fu:­eelSystem%20Service%20Info_V01.pdf

    Giant service manual says they're DT swiss 240s hubs. Which ones though? Should take some end caps?
    Having trouble making sense of this chart:­cap-solution-MTB

  • Download them and you can see the key off to the side (black dot = standard, half dot = adapter supplied, open dot = adapter available separately). If you can identify which variant of the 240 it is then you should be able to go from there (ie straight pull or classic spokes). For what it's worth, they all seem to be QR compatible.

  • Ya, I'm starting to develop similar feelings to them!

  • DT swiss 240s hubs

    Not bad...! Think we have a pair of these on a Giant Trance.

  • maybe now is the time for everyone to check their fire alarms at home, give them a quick press and make sure they are working, all people in all corners of the house can hear said alarm

    for the more carefree of us
    can anyone recommend a decent fire alarm that can be bought on the high street

    is there a .gov website, or a fire brigade website recommending the best ones to buy

    stay safe

  • Is there a pedals thread? Too much classifieds in search results.

    Still using look delta 296 on road & track but they're knackered. Similar quality replacement, Keo Classic? Owt else to consider?

  • Kelly Holliday in USA uses my email address all the time.

    I'm not sure I should admit this but I definitely cancelled all of her eBay bids and the Enterprise rental cars she booked.

    She also used my email address when she opened a bank account, no personal details were included but there were details on the type of bank account opened and when she should expect her new card to come through the post. It wasn't an automated email so I replied advising the bank employee.

  • I guess it's strange you would have xxblondebabexx@hotmail as your email address anyway.

  • Hey! I had to pay big money for that email address.

  • I definately didn't fill out a customer satisfaction form for a namesake of mine that had bought a new car (but obviously couldn't spell their own email address) and also left a very bad review, and requested a home visit to ensure that VW could check my car was red enough, because I requested red and this one was just red.

  • From the stories I've heard from friends who have been car salespeople, that's not even that crazy.

  • EG:

    angry buyer: I thought you said this thing was a special edition?

    sales friend: Yes it is, it has extra equipment as standard blah blah some other fancy model guff

    ab: well it can't be special because a guy 2 roads over has one too and when I was on the motorway last week I saw another one being driven by a young woman

    sf: this special edition isn't being produced in limited quantities sir, it's just providing extra equipment, it isn't an exclusive release

    ab: well can't you stop selling them in this area now you've sold me one, there's already too many, there should be some sort of restriciton

    sf: .....

  • What's the best large (40 litre plus) backpack to get for short distance riding?

    I've got a a load of gym kit to carry about and am struggling to fit it in my chrome messenger.

    Ortlieb messenger pro?

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Any question answered...

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