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  • This stuff. Think I have a full one somewhere if you want?

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  • That'd take a staggering quantity of inner tubes

  • I need to replace the drivetrain on my road bike, currently full 5700 105 set up, so have two questions:
    1) can I re-use existing bottom bracket with a 4700/5800 chainset?
    2) is there going to be a noticeable difference between a choice of a 5800 chainset, 5800 chain and 5700 cassette vs a 4700 chain set/chain/cassette?

    There seems to be about a 40 quid difference between the two options. the 5800 chainset means that if I feel flush I can bring the bike onto 11spd to match my race bike for the price of shifters/derailleurs so has that benefit!

  • I'm going to be in the market for an "affordable" light disc wheelset. Are Kinesis Crosslights the best value option?

  • 1) Yep
    2) Might as well save money on buying a chainset - I don't think you'll have any compatibility issues with a 10sp chainring and an 11sp chain.

    Happy to be proven wrong though - As I'm also going to be doing something similar soon...

  • thanks, read a couple of reviews saying that the weight and stiffness difference is measurable between the two chain sets, and the bike has treated me nicely over the last 2.5 years (chains and cassettes regularly replaced) so don't feel any guilt at "splashing out" and have pulled the trigger, merlin have 10% off shimano at the moment so it was only a 33quid difference in the end, and feels like a treat rather than just a consumable purchase.

  • I'm upgrading my Look from an inch threaded to inch carbon threadless set up, and have read so many conflicting views about spacers and shims and failing carbon that I want to ask the hive mind, and probably @mdcc_tester directly. Components will be:

    Columbus Minimal 1 inch forks w/ carbon steerer.
    Chris King 1 inch Nothreadset
    1 inch to 1 1/8 alloy steerer shim.
    1 1/8 alloy stem.
    M Part 1 inch carbon steerer bung/topcap.

    Question being, where do I need spacers (if any) in that assembly for structural safety?

    I've heard combinations of none, one above, one above and below, and there don't seem to be any guidelines from Columbus that I can find given that they don't even provide a bung themselves.

    Any help would be much appreciated before I order all of the little bits! Ta.

  • Whats the cheapest way to send a bike from the UK to either Dublin or Armagh? A guy on ebay is saying the cheapest he has been quoted is £120 which seems like a lot. I've bought bikes from the UK before and IIRC it was more like £40

  • can I use any sram med cage 10 spd rear mech (road or mountain) with my 10sp apex brifters?


  • where do I need spacers (if any) in that assembly

    You'll probably need a spacer between the top cap and the stem, unless you have a top cap with an integral spacer

    Some fork manufacturers have expressed an opinion about a minimum amount of spacing between the stem and the upper bearing collet, but I've not seen any compelling argument for it.

    If you haven't already wasted your money, consider an alternative to the Chris King such as the Cane Creek 40 or 110 which is properly designed. We've long since gone past the point where the compromised design of the CK was acceptable, and the flaw in the CK design is even more likely to cause problems with carbon steerers than it was with metal ones.

  • OK thank you - looks like there'd be a bit of a wait for one of your top caps, so I'll get a little 3mm to sit above the stem for now and trust in an LBS to cut the steerer to the right length to accommodate.

    I won't be needing any spacers under the stem for fit purposes, so shan't concern myself with any.

    And I've already got the Chris King on the bike, just converting the upper bearing cap from threaded to threadless, so will choose to blindly ignore your last paragraph :)

  • Bicycle frame top tube - widths.
    Anyone seen any listings of current frames with top tube widths?
    Looking for some makes and models that are particularly narrow [left to right not front to back].


  • Yup to bottom bracket, in regard to number 2, might be hard to tell.

    You don't need a 5800 chainset to work with 11 speed chain.

  • Looks like Paisley Freight charge £45 to ROI

  • I'll get a little 3mm to sit above the stem for now and trust in an LBS to cut the steerer to the right length

    Aside from aesthetics, there's no harm in having more steerer projection above the stem. You can always cut more off later.

  • Armagh is in Northern Ireland, so UK. Which means it should be parcelforce UK tariff. Dublin is ROI...

    Hermes is £20 to NI but.. it's Hermes. Insure if you use them! (They honoured my insurance claim)

  • I need a new battery pack for my xeccon. What oomph rating do I need.
    This is the information I have for it:
    LED: 1*Cree XM-L2 LED
    • Max Output: 850 Lumens
    • Battery Pack: 8.4V 2600mAh Samsung Battery Pack

  • Pretty much any 2S (8.4v) pack will work.

  • 5.5mm jacks come with either a 2.1mm or 2.5mm centre pin. Check that.

  • Don't make my light explode.

  • I'll check the pin later.

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Any question answered...

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