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  • Thanks @TomvanHalen @Hovis! Been a long day, glad some of my brain is still working :)

  • Does anyone who is either in East London, or going to track league at HHV tomorrow, have a crown race setter that I could borrow, just to bang a crown race down quickly?

  • Where in reasonable proximity to SE4 can I hire a big car (people carrier or 4x4 kinda thing)....?

  • Old Kent rd, lots of car hire companies

  • I am going to Rome later this month, can anyone recommend a good area to stay in?

  • Rome

  • it might be too late, but I have used a hoover attachment for this function before, which you might have lying about the house. like one of the tubes in the image below

  • what are the cheaper alternatives to a Chris King Inset 7? I can't get the Cane Creek online headset finder to work.

    44mm headtube, 1-1/8 – 1.5” tapered fork.

  • Hope might be a bit cheaper>

  • Cheers, didn't think of that despite using the Hoover immediately after realising I needed a solution. I went to Brixton Cycles in the end (not LBS at all) and they sorted it for me.

  • Cheap Android phone vs Garmin or other dedicated GPS device.

    What are the pros and cons either way?

  • People with phones on their stems look like prats. Garmin. Best of a bad bunch.

  • Battery life and ruggedness both in favour of Garmin. Software better on phone for navigation in particular.

    I do look at using a phone every so often but a decent mount seems to be pretty steep (upwards of £50).

  • We stayed at an AirB&B in the same building as the original Montessori School a couple of years ago.
    Lots of cafes close by and good access to treno et cetera.

  • Sram don't seem to sell the road disc calipers on their own so I was wondering - are sram disc brake levers (rival/apex/force/red) compatible with avid hydraulic disc brake calipers?

  • Below is the valve on my disc wheel.

    As you can see, something is missing...

    Is it possible to remove and replace the broken valve core in situ, or do I need to reglue the tub?

    Hopefully the former...and do I just need a valve core removal tool and another valve core?

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  • So the answer is yes, and I found somewhere online that explained you could do it with a size 11 setting on a spoke wrench.

    Stole the valve core from a flat tyre on my Brompton and I'm away.

  • Did you find enough bits that you won't have a lump of metal spinning around jabbing at stuff from the inside?

  • Actually, when I did start wheeling it around I could hear something moving about. Might have to investigate that!

  • I just got an old Time frame from eBay. Carbon tubes in titanium lugs. It appears on some of the joints that the carbon has expanded right at the joint and is sort of flared. I'm wondering if it's fucked

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  • Pubs with beer gardens/outside space here

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  • Personally wouldn't ride that with a barge pole.

  • I am going to Rome later this month, can anyone recommend a good area to stay in?


    You're being enigmatic. :)

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Any question answered...

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