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  • It's always been on the inside, never one from the outside and the tyres are in good condition. I think it's from the spokes maybe but I replaced the rim tape last week thinking I had solved the problem but then I had two punctures yesterday and was running 90psi (is that not enough?) Thanks @dancing james

  • hold the punctured inner tube up to the wheel and find what is causing the puncture (so dont take the tyre off completely when removing the inner tube to locate the puncture).

  • Just done that, I think it's because of the spokes. The rim tape is 13mm (got it from my LBS) so will order some 16mm tape and hopefully that'll sort it, thanks

  • I had that on archetypes, which are 23mm width, cured it with wider tape.

  • Some roads are closed for the Ride London / FreeCycle thing tomorrow. Can people still cycle on those roads just to get about, or are they closed to anyone without a rider number?

  • The FreeCycle thing (Saturday) is open to anyone, no registration required and you can use the central London roads that are closed to get about no problem.

    RideLondon (the thing you have to enter to ride) is on Sunday, along with the pro race later on in the afternoon. This has the road closures all the way down to Surrey and back.

  • Where did I leave my lock a couple of weeks ago?

  • It's still on the bike rack at work

  • Thanks, its just the thing today I was wondering about.

  • Sorry, cannot think straight, coffee not penetrating fug..what is this extra disc I have on crabon steerer bung, do I need it? And is this alu shim too short, surely it needs to be longer than the steerer tube to be able to push down to compress bearings? It's 35mm btw, want to fit Thomson X2 stem.

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  • And is this alu shim too short, surely it needs to be longer than the steerer tube to be able to push down to compress bearings?

    No, the compression load should go through the stem, not the shim. I'd still want the shim to be longer than the steerer clamp of the stem, but with a spacer under the top cap (or a cap with integrated spacer) to make sure the compression loads bypass the shim.

    The washer that looks spare is a bit of a mystery; it looks like it should be a stop for the compression bolt, suggesting that the expander is designed to be set in the bare steerer using the spare washer, then the bolt comes out leaving the expander in place ready to accept the bolt on final assembly.

  • Thank you, now I get it!

  • Any one seen any good deals for presta 25/8 mm inner tubes recently?

  • Someone must know this so I'll get straight to the point, I wanna sell my Rotors, I bought a brand new BB for them but I don't have the chainring bolts, I want to sell the whole package so I won't until I have the bolts for them, because I know how hard they are to find. So, does anyone know where I can get them from, apart from 'Bike24' who don't them in stock at the moment, or know of a different set of bolts that actually work with Rotors? Thanks in advance

  • Grease for bearings that comes in a cartridge for a grease gun?

    Also assembly grease that comes in a cartridge as above.

    Am fed up with my useless finish line grease gun that screws onto a tube of grease, as it barely works and won't attach to the chris king bb service tool.

  • Sigma sport had them a few months ago.

  • You need to refill it manually, rather than a plug in a cartridge, but the Dualco is far superior to a tube attachment and allows different nozzle fittings.


  • Are all parts of a 1" threaded headset (specifically Tange Levin) likely to be made of steel?

    Just wondering how much I may have inadvertently melted while trying to kill a seatpost.

  • Are all parts of a 1" threaded headset (specifically Tange Levin) likely to be made of steel?

    Everything in a steel Levin is steel, apart from the lock nut O-ring and possibly the bearing cages. If it's an alloy Levin, all bets are off :-)

    If you damaged a headset while attending to a seatpost, your workshop technique might need a brush-up

  • Guessing he had the frame at a forward tilt...

  • Can you get drop bar hydraulic brake levers that work with 8 speed alfine hub gears?
    (obviously only need one lever to work with the hub gear :-)
    I'm aware of the bar end shifter option...

  • I've been liberally soaking my garden with caustic soda and hoping the old seatpost gets in the way of some of it.

    Although I used a bung for the downtube, it heated up so much that that got washed away and when it started frothing some of the solution went down into the head tube.

    £9.99 for a Dia Compe headset so I wasn't too precious about this one.

  • There are TRP with bar end shifter attach to the levers, can't spell company name, start with G.

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Any question answered...

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