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  • I don't mind them, but I certainly think they're over-rated.

    Then again, I haven't seen one for probably more than ten years.

  • Binged on them on iPlayer over winter. It's the only sane way. And they're always shorter than you remember them to be.

  • V brake mounts on the back of a fork rather than the front, better/worse?

  • Lycra jerseys and backpacks.
    Bad idea?
    Will I destroy my lovely new jersey in seconds?

  • best cages to use with camelbak podium?

  • My cheapo ebay bont knockoffs are still going strong

  • I've been using a pair of these one for the past year with the Camelback bottles and can't complain

    and it also comes in shiny black...

  • Have commuted for years with lycra jersey and a rucksack. Never a problem.

  • Depends on the bag partly. I've gone one or two heavyish canvas/cordura ones that knacker stuff up but most are ok.

  • V brake mounts on the back of a fork rather than the front, better/worse?

    It's good for polo not much else.

  • I remember there being a chart / infographic that showed what combinations of parts should be matched in terms of colours. Anyone know where to find this?

  • Good for trikes too...

  • Less bad if you bolts come loose, but don't let them come loose.

    Mounted further back will probably catch more mud.

    Cable routing may be tricky, depending whether your brake can have the noodle cradle and the cable-clamp swapped. I think only some Avids do this.

    Solution looking for a problem.

  • Isn't the messy cable routing pretty much a polo/American problem caused by left hand front brake?

    Paul Motolites are also swappable.

  • How do I go about trying to recover a hub I sent for repair from a company which has gone bust?

    I sent a pair of Hope hubs to Life-Cycles, based in Bolton, for replacement bearings and rebuilding onto Mavic rims. I got one back, along with a note to say the other one would be sent ASAP, then I got ill, so I forgot all about it.

    I've been trying to contact them, but it appears that the shop has gone bust and that quite a few people have been left in the same situation.Website is "down for maintenance" and the phone seems dead. What are the chances of me ever getting my wheel? What is the procedure for registering a claim?

    Or just the hub, I don't really care at this stage.

  • What is the procedure for registering a claim?

    If they have actually declared bankruptcy, there should be an administrator or trustee in charge of finding their assets and distributing them to their creditors. You need to find the administrator and persuade them that your hub isn't an asset of the bankrupt company, but your property. If the company has been in administration for a while, it's possible that your hub has already been disposed of as part of a sale of stock, which probably makes you an unsecured creditor and you'll be lucky to see a penny, much less a replacement hub.

  • I'm trying to find out if they are officially bankrupt, or have just ceased trading. Very little info is forthcoming...

  • I found that the shop lease is being offered about. It's not good in terms of getting your hub back but they should be able to contact whoever the shop is in the hands of or put you in touch with someone?­tails.php?id=40

  • Thanks, I've dropped them an email, but it's looking pretty bleak.

  • Do you even own a television @Oliver Schick?

  • Looks like a lot of fun!

  • Of course not. I have some self-respect. I saw that W&G thing at a cinema. It was probably this:

    So rather more than ten years ago. I don't think I've watched any others since.

  • I know, I know. TVs are toxic really - it's all too easy to turn to them to fill silences, pass the time, procrastinate, or whatever, and end up flicking aimlessly through so many sodding channels, and half-watching hours of utter crap, including repeats of irritating animations like W&G and American rom-coms.

    Not that I ever have of course.

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Any question answered...

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