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  • Yes.

    The customer service from Prendas is outstanding too.

  • It will, you have Swissstop Green on your Brompton, remember?

    Koolstop great in wet, wear out the same as normal pads, so the black/salmon one is the best.

    Swissstop is slightly less grippy but work equally well in wet and last much longer (1 brake blocks last me the whole winter).

  • Swissstop is slightly less grippy but work equally well in wet and last much longer...

    What flavour pads Ed?

  • I have a Phil low flange road hub, front and I'm currently using a qr skewer. Is there an addon/adapter/bolt/widget kit I can buy to convert it to bolt-on or have I imagined it?

    Is there a thread? Well, in one sense, yes:­77/

    Most QR axles can simply be tapped M6 to take the kind of conversion shown.

  • Great, thank you. Sounds like a good choice. I may give prendas a call before ordering to make sure I've got the sizing figured out.

  • They are more than helpful on the phone, but when you order they ask for your vital stats and will tell you if they think another size would be better.

  • Cheers. Tester, sorry, I should've said that I've read that thread. I've seen a few spacer kits and axel converters and such from Phil and I'm not familiar with all their products and wonders if there was something specifically for their hubs. I don't really need one, I just want one.

  • Priced in cubic meters and depends on grade. For example if you want 2m lengths in widths wider than 30cm (as great a proportion as possible delivered in the boule), of the highest grade you are looking significantly north of a grand per cubic. For smaller one off volumes I'd recommend a local timber merchant as we price by volume to keep cost down.

    PM for further details, but prices are FOB from the mill so that you can organise the best value shippers.

  • Nice. Maybe I'll just get on with it then!

    Do you like the longer cut leg ? 3cm doesnt mean an awful lot without any frame of reference. I'm not sure how their other bibs are sized, and couldn't find info on these ones on the santini website.

  • Yes the longer cut is nice, especially if you're a long-shanks.

    Prendas size bibs by height, which is what is important: if you're not sure on size, you can rely on Prendas to steer you right. :)

  • Hills kill me these days and I live up one so it's time to get some gears! As road bikes for a heavy 6'5" tall gent are hard to come by I am considering a CX bike mostly as kinesis do 63cm frames which are pretty good value and I guess CX kit should be harder wearing. As its only for fairly relaxed riding to get my fitness back and cover some miles Is there going to be a huge difference in geometry and position that means that a CX bike on the road is not a great idea?

  • Have a drum brake on the rear wheel of my tandem, seems to require a ridiculous amount of squeeze on the brake lever to do anything noticable on braking power.

    Is there anything I can adjust/do to improve the braking? The cable is not slack etc

  • The brake shoes may have become glazed/shiny or they've just worn out. Take them out and as long as there"s enough meat left on them, scuff them up a bit with a rough grade of abrasive paper. Assume your brakes are made with asbestos unless you know they are not and take appropriate measures, or buy new shoes. There is a leading edge and a trailing edge on shoes. The leading edge kind of self servos as you squeeze the lever the leading edge digs in and increases the braking. If your shoes are good and deglazed then try v-brake levers for more pull. My old moped in 1976 had shitty drums which always improved with a file and emery paper and holding my breath.

  • The vast majority of CX bikes are never ridden off road, and are designed with this in mind. They are mainly sold as commuting/family/leisure bikes so are perfectly suited to road riding.

    That said, Kinesis are proper CX race bikes, but even so you'll be fine using one as a road bike.

  • I guess CX kit should be harder wearing

    It's not, it's just road kit with slightly different gear ratios.

    There's nothing wrong with riding CX bikes on the road, but 6'5" isn't that huge so you should be able to find a proper road bike if that's what you want.

  • There is however nothing better than camping and I would definitely recommend it... That being said those who recommend a 3 seasons tent do not lie. Weather systems across Patagonia are very unpredictable as they are anywhere with high mountains, lots of water and large plains.... if you can afford a 3 season tent you will be able to minimize other bulky warm weather items like sleeping bag rolls (depending on tent) and the thickest bags... If you plan to camp in the future its a good investment.

    I think I know the answer to this one, but...

    I have this Eurohike Ryde tent that I can get brought out to me.­IQ?pc_redir=1408095776&robot_redir=1

    It's a bit tubby, but I can bare the weight for a short time and most importantly I don't care about it and would be happy to give it away once used.

    Do you reckon it's a waste of time using it for Patagonia? I can't find anything to say what season it's for. Given the description I'm guessing it's only a 1 or a 2... But have no idea.

  • Another question. Can anyone view the text on this page on an iphone (safari or chrome) once it's full loaded?­ection.html

  • Cheers, just gone for an £80 rrp pair for £20, hope I'm not being too optimistic going for XL.

  • Has anybody got any experience of MoovWeb?

  • I like ATAC pedals, but now I want to try road pedal. What's a system that's as snazzy and awesome as ATAC in roadie style?

  • @Chak They're all pretty much the same. I originally went for Shimano SPD-SL and have never tried another type. Never seen a need to.

    A lot of tracks seem to have hire bikes set up with Look pedal systems. So go for Look if you think you might hire a bike at some point?

  • If you have sensitive knees and don't like walking, try Speedplay Zero.

  • A lot of tracks seem to have hire bikes set up with Look pedal systems

    Which is odd as SPD-SL is proper the better track pedal.

    SPD-SL and Keo are the only road pedals worth looking at unless you are some kind of freak or weirdo.

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Any question answered...

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