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  • yeah...

  • Hhmmm.... Not sure.

  • Mine seems to think the only facebook contact I have is me.

  • Forever alone.

  • I'd like to cross post this here because I'm sure many of you don't venture into Trick Bike Porn!

    [quote=Mark Cult;3525046]Oh and you can thread forks to take a compression cap using an M24/M25 x 1.5 tap.

    Where can this be done? I'm assuming it'd need to be done at a frame builders and not just an LBS? I need to chop the steerer on the ESB…[/QUOTE]

  • I think it depends on the tools owned by a LBS Dom, I know that we can thread BBs, not sure about forks but my vote is to phone around a few shops near you before you leap to a framebuilder. That being said, putting a plea out on the forum might do the trick as well, considering the vast numbers of oddly specialist knowledge and equipment that seems to wash up here.

  • Is there a simple way of generating one big map with all runs/rides overlaid from all the data on my Garmin Connect account?

    I have a vague recollection of someone on here doing it.

  • It's definitely been done with Strava, don't recall seeing anything similar with Garmin Connect tho'.

  • Is there a simple way of generating one big map with all runs/rides overlaid from all the data on my Garmin Connect account?

    I have a vague recollection of someone on here doing it.

    Veloviewer does it for strava.

  • Ah. None of mine are on Strava haha. Could upload them I guess. Thanks guys.

  • What are the main differences between the lezyne macro and mini? My moon mask has just died on me and i've sent it back to wiggle and i'm awaiting a response however i wanted some new lights anyhows, also, i don't want an excuse to not ride to work on these glorious mornings?


  • Ah. So with Ltd and Umbrella (so long as I'm paid by a company) I get indemnity insurance. I read the page but it didn't tell me what I wanted to know. I thought there was a kind of worker who was more suited to one or other tax setup. Is there also something like IR-34? Maybe that's the one I'm not really meant to be doing.

  • While this is true, it does necessitate a change in the nature of the contract with anybody who employs you, one which a local authority looking to employ social workers is unlikely to be ready for, and may not even countenance.

    I think that owuld probably be based on the insurance thing. Maybe. As long as they could pay me they might be OK with it but they have to go through Matrix or Commensura so I'm not sure that would work out.

    That leaves me back to being paid by an Umbrella company. I hate these fuckers. I spoke to an accountant who said that I would barely make any more money as a Ltd Co. than under umbrella and would have to do all this tax stuff and pay for it myself so I figured what's the point?

  • I've had a pair of Sidi Dragons for 4-5 years now, they're still in great condition (on their second set of replacement sole-parts), and I have every confidence that they'll last at least another 5 years.

    But- they are slightly too small. Only slightly- I've been ignoring it for years, but I really should go up a size/go to the mega.

    However- before I automatically get another pair of Dragons, should I consider any other makes/models?

    Don't know if this is too late, Neil, but my understanding is that recently (year? two? dunno) Sidi have begun sourcing their foot plates from another company and they apparently are not lasting as well as the older style. Also, these are now apparently wider. So try a new pair if you like but maybe try to find an old stock pair of Dragons in your size on ebay or

  • They seem to have gone up in price a bit, and this pair look a bit fighty:

    You mean This pair looks a bit AWESOME! don't you?

  • Jayloo - you're thinking of IR-35. That, I don't think, applies unless you are a long term contractor. You up in town this week? Happy to explain all this over lunch.

  • Part of my likes the fighty colour I will admit, but I suspect I won't be brave enough and will go for black or white.

  • anyone has Rouleur subscription discount code? Or is it as stupid as asking Rapha discount code?

  • Does anyone know how to find old shimano tech docs. I've googled and searched the shimano website but nothing seems to get me to old models.

    I'm after the bearing size for a front hub, HB-RM50. But now I really want the link so I can book mark.


  • 3/16" x 10, but can't help you with the rest of your qeury.

  • ^^^ wow...

  • ^^ thanks that's really helpful.

    After all the faff it's now one of those things I just want to find and save.

  • ^^ So's that...

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Any question answered...

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