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  • Always.

  • Although you're looking a bit bruised after yesterday.

  • That was last Saturday, I'm fine now.

  • Given that you are a polo player wouldn't the washing process take a good few days though?

  • Washing is overrated.

  • I've had a pair of Sidi Dragons for 4-5 years now, they're still in great condition (on their second set of replacement sole-parts), and I have every confidence that they'll last at least another 5 years.

    But- they are slightly too small. Only slightly- I've been ignoring it for years, but I really should go up a size/go to the mega.

    However- before I automatically get another pair of Dragons, should I consider any other makes/models?

  • Go to Condor, try out every single pairs of shoes, then buy the Dragons.

  • I went to Condor at lunch, they had hardly anything in terms of shoes, I left.

  • Glad to hear you're not still in there.

  • Or is that a 1? What happened to the right?

  • One went to Condor at lunch, they had hardly anything in terms of shoes; one left. One was not amused.

  • They seem to have gone up in price a bit, and this pair look a bit fighty:

  • can somebody recommend a software that will sync the mobile numbers off my fb friends and dump them as contacts in my android phone?
    I got haxsync and the other one, but somehow they do not import mobile numbers.

  • Does the Facebook app not do that?

  • not with mobiles.

  • Does with mine.

  • how then, step by step if you can??

  • Go to your accounts and check that it's saying to sync all, then go through the lovely task of linking all the people you give stupid nicknames to their real names on fb.

  • accounts where, in fb app or settings in the phone?
    phone is new so this pain at least is resolved

  • Phone settings

  • Phone settings, should be an accounts section with a Facebook account, or if not then add account.

  • ah, this - well this has been turned on from the beginning, it has "contacts" ticked so that it should synchronize but it doesn't seem to.
    I mean I do have contacts from fb in the people app, but I can't call them from the phone app - no contacts visible.

  • Press on the contacts bit, it'll ask you if you want to sync all, only those you already have and something else. Choose all and sort out the ones you don't want afterwards.

  • Ooh, it's changed, hold on.

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Any question answered...

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