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  • I want to swap this for quick release so it's easy for me and my girlfriend to ride it.

    Do I just need to swap out the bolt or do I need a new collar too (I'm guessing probably the latter)? What's a decent but cheap option? Obviously not worried about weight, just something that will be fine with frequent readjustment. Is it just a case of measuring the diameter (which I think is 28.6mm)?

  • Yes, new collar, and measure the outside diameter of the seat-tube.
    Something like this or this should see you right.

  • What underwear do people use in longer rides instead of padded shorts?

    I'm odd in that I wear underwear even when wearing padded shorts. Always have. It just feels "odd" otherwise.

    So for long rides (4 or 5 day Audaxes such as LEL or PBP) I had various pairs of old comfy boxer shorts that I knew didn't rub anywhere bad and treated them as daily disposables. This meant I could get away with just two pairs of padded shorts for a 4-5 day ride. (I wore both pairs of shorts on the final day of LEL because it was mostly flat for that last 300km and the Gooch was fairly well grizzled by then.)

  • I like boxer shorts from runderwear, they are very soft and have silicone grippers.­/outlet-men/products/mens-running-long-b­oxer-shorts

  • Cheers. Will get one of those.

  • Any idea what this sort of connector is called and where I can buy them? It's part of the motor on a Bosch Cargo line if that helps.

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  • Do you / buzz bike have an account with Magura?

    Pretty sure they will tell you to just buy a new cable.

  • That's the one! Thanks.
    @MCamb - I'm trying to fit a Powunity tracker but have no idea what I'm doing. Am I barking up the wrong tree?

  • Am I barking up the wrong tree?

    Possibly, you shouldn’t need to buy anything or do any rewiring with the powunity kit. They sell different products for various drive units- if you get the bosch universal kit it should work with every bosch motor.. maybe contact powunity support with the product and what gen bosch you’ve got and I’m sure they’ll help you

  • Yeah, good call! It's a bit embarrassing that their website states that they don't provide instructions due to the process being too simple to bother, ha ha.

  • Lol. It’s simple when you know how ;-). You never know you might be missing a crucial bit!

  • I'm missing the other half of a brain that I need I think.

  • Went for this:
    1yr guarantee on components and £150 - cosmetically probably a bit ropier than the one you posted, hopefully I haven't missed any small but important differences!

  • Main difference is the lower screen resolution, 1366 X 768 rather than 1920 X 1080.

    Should still be fine and obviously won't matter if used with an external screen

  • Yeah you have to look out for the ones with low res screens - although you can often replace them with much better screens fairly cheaply, as I have done with an X240 and then X260.

  • I ordered one from ITZoo that was meant to have the lower res screen but when it turned up it was the full hd one. Suspect there are probably more of those knocking around.

  • What’s the most efficient way to move my “own” music to my new phone from an ipad air?
    Whups, to the apple thread with me >>>

  • I have found so many old phones, a couple of broken tablets, and two old laptops which don’t work.
    They feel like museum level finds.

    Does anyone have a recommmended recycling/ trade in place, for what is essentially nothing more than a collection of dust covered shite?

  • I always use these stems if you can live without the mount. They are excellent. Decals easily removed, light and cheap.­

  • Currys / PC World will take in all that used stuff.

  • Yep, I have those in various flavours. It's for the best bike though so I feel like I can do better than generic. Might have a Zipp SCSL on the go though, was thinking about tapping the face plate to make a mount.

  • My local 'civic amenity site'/dump has a wheelie bin for them

  • I bought a KMC X11 chain from Merlin.

    It arrived in a poly bag, rather than a plastic box, and had an instruction sheet inside labelled Shimano - no KMC logo.

    Is it possible this is a counterfeit product?

    Edit: this YACF thread suggests it's probably legit.­=124994.0

  • thanks for the recommends.

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Any question answered...

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