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  • Wow, yes! It was actually that Tina Turner song that reminded my of my question.

    Such a crap sound but I guess it sounded pretty amazing once.

  • What left leaning Dutch language newspaper has the best web content?

  • Probate

    My father died in October, his half of the marital home goes straight to my mother. His savings were all in a joint account with my mother and the bank are happy for it all to switch to her sole ownership. Other than a few shovels I might take there’s fuck all else. There’s no liability to death duty or any taxes. Am I right in thinking I don’t need to apply for probate or notify hmrc?

  • Hi! I would like a stand like the one in the picture.. there are alot in India and I love them. But haven't seen any here in the UK. I can't even find the name of them to get looking. Any ideas?

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  • I'ld say trouw, parool or volkskrant. Why?

  • Am learning dutch. So I thought reading Dutch newspapers would help

  • Maybe check with a scooter or motorcycle dealer?

  • has anyone got away with putting a bike on one of the trains out of city thames link during the morning aprrox 8am? I get why they ban bikes coming in but surely there's room for a bike leaving london? i need to get to stevenage

  • I'm not aware of any of the train ops having restrictions on bikes leaving London at that time of day - However I've never put it to the test.

  • Interesting! I reckon de volkskrant is easiest to get in the UK. But have a look on their websites to get an idea of their reporting.

  • Not sure, but when my 1st wife died it was a similar "it all belongs to me now" situation with no taxes due, but I still had to apply for probate to finalise it all. It's a few years ago now but I think some people needed to see the certificate. There was no will which may have been the reason why.

  • The government site covers it pretty well:­step-by-step-nav=4f1fe77d-f43b-4581-baf9­-e2600e2a2b7a

    Check if probate is needed ...You may not need probate if...

  • Sort of. If you can touch type you can learn to play the piano. It's all the same thing: muscle memory.

    I bought a digital piano a few years ago and just sat down and played the thing. You don't need headphones - just turn it down a bit.

    Because it was a new toy I was obsessed with it and played several times a day, getting better each day, and trying new things like octaves, minor inversions and arpeggios up and down the keyboard until I was good at them. To non-pianists I sound like I can really play, but really I know I'm not that good. My left hand is dreadfully limited.

    You can go a long way just playing what you want, but you need to get the basics right first, and if you want to play classical then doing it "properly" is almost certainly more important than for other styles of music. You can probably learn everything off YouTube these days. That's how I'm learning drums.

  • The Thameslink site covers it pretty poorly:­-information/on-board/bringing-a-bike

    There aren't any mentions of restrictions leaving London outside evening peak. But the more you read it the less sense it makes for other times...

    trains travelling away from London that are timed to depart from or pass through any central London station between 16:00 and19:00 Monday to Friday, except on public holidays

    • what does 'a train travelling away from London' mean when many of the trains go from Sussex right across London, with about 20 stops inside it, and then to Hertfordshire?

    • which stations are 'central London'?

    Anyway, should be fine for your journey.

  • I've done it successfully at the St Pancras Thameslink station at least twice, so that's a possible back up option if you are unsuccessful at City Thameslink.

  • thanks all!

  • My condolences.

    Is there a will? Obvious question, not in such testing times though.

  • Is it possible to travel by train from Faro portugal to London (with bike) on a route which includes a sleeper train? It sounds like it is, but I've searched around on raileurope site and cant seem to get the search selection to return any results...

    Planning for end of march (I've also tried selecting dates closer in the future)

  • There’s a French sleeper train from Toulouse to Calais, if that helps?

  • Thanks.

    Nope, no will. There wasn’t much in terms of assets, marital home shared with my mother and some money in the bank. My brothers and I don’t want any of that.

  • Estranged relationship?

    Speaking from my own self. I've got the same with my dad, tough and testing times.

    Never ever wanted anything from his will and I said that when I left home.

  • Ah, helpful page. thanks

  • Is there a difference between income and revenue?

    I'm not sure I'm the right person to be doing the Xero tasks.

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Any question answered...

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