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  • So I was going to get some prescription safety glasses, my sphere is -5.25/-5.75

    The lens for the safety glasses only go to -5.00

    Should I pass?

  • Should I pass?

    Might be worth trying some cheap glasses in -5.00 and see how you get on at tasks simulating the distance and acuity for which you want safety glasses. For example Selectspecs have options from about £20 including lenses and delivery.

  • Not much use if you can’t have your full prescription. Not sure what prescription the lenses go up to at Boots, but I think that’s where the specs wearers at work get theirs made up.

  • Dunno, but have you considered the Bolle Tracker specs? You can fit them with prescription inserts made up by any optician, so they might be able to be made to suit your eyes. They are a bit spenny though. The glasses and the inserts are cheap as chips, but getting the lenses made to go in the inserts was rather pricey when I got mine made.

  • A colleague and I both have Giffgaff and have noted how coverage/signal seems to have got worse recently. I've been on it for 9 years though and it's generally been absolutely fine, until the last couple of months or so.

    End of anecdata.

  • Does anyone have any recommendations for couriers?

    A mate needs to get a couple of bikes from Italy to the uk.

  • Where's good to buy bike helmets central/north london? Nothing fancy, just for commuting, but I'd like a decent range to try on. Cheers

  • Gas smart meter question.
    Readings not being sent to supplier, no biggy, just been pressing the ok button to take a manual reading, then sending online on my account.
    Went to take a reading this evening, pressed the ok button, display lights up, but only shows a vbat reading in mV (millivolts?), Presume this is internal battery level, so to my question, is my meter fucked? It's a edmi GS 60b if that's any use to know.

  • Cheers. Will have a look in

  • Is there a width or plate width difference between 11s and 12s chains?

    ie. could I add 11s chain links to a 12s chain or would that cause firey death to the cassette/chainring?

  • Is there a width or plate width difference between 11s and 12s chains?

    Yes, 12-speed has a pin length of 5.2mm and 11-speed has a pin length of 5.65mm (KMC data)

  • I need a 3T Aura riser kit, ideally 60mm, but’s been discontinued. Anyone know if there’s anything else from another brand that would fit?
    Or is there a source I could buy from that my googling hasn’t found?

  • PM the user above about his 3T riser design

    (or follow this)

  • Jackpot!

    @gbj_tester have you got anything suitable left??

  • got anything suitable left?

    I never had any except what's on my own bike. I released the drawing to Fibrelyte to allow other people to order copies directly from them. I believe they also have the plans to make spacers to the original 3T profile for people who prefer that.

  • Balls. Assumed so but wanted confirmation.


  • I released the drawing to Fibrelyte to allow other people to order copies directly from them

    Ah ok. I’ll message Fibrelyte, hopefully they can knock some up for me. Ta!

  • Why, oh why, oh why in twenty twenty-two are people still calling it two thousand and twenty-two?

  • Talking about financial years vs calendar years got confusing recently. "Twenty-twenty one" what do you mean by that?

  • I call it two thousand twenty two.

  • Twenty hundred twenty and two.

  • Two zero two two

  • I have long sight and astigmatism and varifocal specs with a strong prescription. My close vision has got much worse over the last few years. It's so bad I can't really do close work, e.g. sewing.

    Should I get a new prescription in my varifocals, or a second pair of specs just for close work? Would specs for close work need a complex varifocal prescription, or could they just be ordinary OTC magnifiers? I don't want an optician trying to flog me hugely expensive new lenses which will be a compromise, and not good for sewing.

    On the other hand, I want to be able to sew without changing specs when I look up at the telly.

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Any question answered...

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