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  • This government guide is pretty good at all the steps: - including the probate bit.

    But in short you contact the banks etc to find out if you need probate (and they usually have a dedicated bereavements helpline listed on website).

    Hope that makes things slightly easier.

  • You will find it an advantage to have several certified copies of the death certificate,
    as you can then be notifying several banks/utilities/other institutions simultaneously.

  • Thanks for the advice

  • very long shot and hoping for a miracle but would someone have the ONGR bag to sell to me or know someone that would? similar to the one below made by fairweather/blue lug:

  • Onyourbike London Bridge or PedalMyWheels.

  • Avid Arch Rival brakes: I thought that these were meant to be a parallel-push brake, but that doesn't seem to be the case when I fit them.

    Am I missing something?

  • Am I missing something?

    How would we know? You seem to have left out the pictures 🙂

    Arch Rivals are not "parallel", they just have the rotation centre further from the pads than rigid V-brakes, so the pad cants less as it moves

  • Sorry to hear that :(

    When you register the death there is an option to inform all government agencies. From NHS to DVLA. Its easier than doing it yourself individually.

  • The pictures are in the post.

    Thanks for the explanation. That makes sense. I was wondering whether I could fit them on my dadbike/shopping hauler, which I like to have to adjust as little as possible. Currently it's got Shimano LX V brakes with the parallelogram mechanism, which means that they can just be adjusted with the barrel adjuster as the blocks wear, with no change in pad position on the rim. The problem is that they squeal like crazy without massive toe-in. I thought arch rivals would provide the same fit-and-forget function, but obviously not.

  • Thanks, registering on Monday so hopefully that will all become clear.

    I guess this is all a useful process for future reference!

  • What's the ideal groupset for a do-it-all road bike? I've got a Salsa Casseroll, which is currently set up fixed, but I'm wondering whether I can rationalise my stable down to just that one bike (plus my dadbike for shopping). It would need to be able to do brisk runs out for fitness, plus some light touring, so it would need some pretty low gears for gentle ascents of steep hills.

  • Sora R3030 I reckon, triple for touring, but still big enough for roading.

  • Is there a practical reason for the pointy bit of the lug on a seat tube cluster, or is it purely aesthetics?

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  • You might be better off mixing and matching to get a triple Crankset.

    9 speed shimano allows you to mix and match road/mtb and still has a range of replacement parts that can be sourced. But I wonder if 10 speed is a bit more future proof from a parts perspective?

    Fwiw I did light touring using 10 speed shimano. Whatever the biggest cassette available was + compact + medium cage RD.

    Not sure I'd recommend it as a permanent set up as the gear jumps and the huge chain don't feel as tight for normal road riding. However, as you need to prep kit for touring in any event, whipping off a cassette and changing a chain isn't that much work.

  • TBH this isn't likely to be used for substantial touring as I don't think the Casseroll can really be loaded up to that degree. More likely just overnight stuff. As such I'd prefer not to be rejigging the drivetrain when switching between functions.

    I agree about mix and match, since I really want something with an almost 1:1 ratio from the smallest chainring and biggest sprocket. Plus I quite fancy silver and the shimano chainsets are fugly.

  • 10 speed road and MTB don't play nice.

    Stick to Sora unless you wanna hunt around for the pull ratios and try to get something 10 speed.

    IIRC Tiagra 4603 works with 9 speed XT to allow for 11-36.

  • Sorry I should have been more clear.

    9 speed shimano allows you to easily use their mtb kit to find triples and long cage RD.

    But I still think there are merits to finding a road set up using 10 speed triple crankset and shifters (if you can).

  • That's the kind of thing. Spa Cycles do a lot of silver touring triples. I need to get my head round the options for 3x10 brifters.

  • You know what the groupset thread might be a good place to ask.

    A compact double and big cassette does give you a very wide range, which gives you a wide range of shifters.

  • Does anyone know where I can find a cable clamp with the non-spinny-round thingy for Shimano 600 brakes?

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  • triple for touring

    Nah, any modern 2×10/11 groupset will easily go from 4:1 top to 1:1 bottom gear. Triples are out of fashion for a reason, they're more trouble than they're worth now that cassettes have so many and such large sprockets.

  • What's the ideal groupset for a do-it-all road bike?

    2 x 11 GRX

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Any question answered...

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