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  • Can anyone explain the market trend for super compact cranksets on road bikes? I get it for gravel + adventure due to carrying luggage, rough terrain, longer duration etc. Just funny to see road go from massive dinner plates down to ~46. Thanks!

  • Well with Sram, they've gone down to a 10t cog at the rear. So now a 46t is comparable to a traditional compact 50. 48 instead of a 52 and a 50 instead of the old 53

  • Literally all the encouragement I needed, thanks!

  • Spotted this stem on someone’s bike yday, anyone know the model? Or better yet got one to sell me? ;-)

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  • don't know the exact model but I'll DM you a Kleinanzeigen link, there is one for sale right now in GER.

  • So , my knees are effed....well almost, and in order to keep me riding as much as possible i thought the best way was to go compact double.....and indeed a few days ago stuck up a wanted advert....
    however something magical came across my interwebby searches, like the days of old, when a shimano road would work with shimano mountain....

    Wolf Tooth Roadlink (DM?)

    could i really whack on a 40T rear to my standard 11sp ultegra double....? there seems like a lot of caveats and small print..... i'm in need of 11sp chain and cassette anyhow......

    • TLDR - is it any good?
  • Zoom (Hsin Lung) is/was a Taiwan based parts maker. I think they specialized in stems and seatposts, fairly well regarded inexpensive stuff from what I remember.

  • specialized in stems and seatposts, fairly well regarded inexpensive stuff

    For people who couldn't quite afford Kalloy 🙂

  • Whats the most out of date energy gel you've ate?
    Over the years I've ate loads that have been a few months past the best before date with no ill effects.
    I've just found a massive box of SIS gels in the cupboard that I don't remember buying.
    Best before date is August 2020.

    They are fine, right?

  • I would

  • The fact that you can stomach an energy gel already shows you're capable of eating just about anything

  • Aye, I don’t now why I even asked really since there’s zero chance I’m binning them.

    Are sis gels particularly mingin’?
    I’ve yet to find a brand of gel that doesn’t taste like wet cardboard.

    Edit - I see you didn’t specify sis gels.

  • They are fine, right?

    If anything really bad has happened to a gel, it will probably explode (bacteria living off glucose tend to release CO2)

    The things which will spontaneously degrade with just age (i.e. air-tight containment has not been compromised) are vitamins, so while your out of date gel probably won't kill you, you also won't be getting all of the advertised goodness.

  • it will probably explode (bacteria living off glucose tend to release CO2)

    I had some Zipvit gels that did this, well within use by though.

  • Yes, you can get micro-punctures in the containment if they are handled incorrectly

  • You called? NOS. Many $.

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  • I had a best before something something 2017 gel the other day. Still alive.

  • this is what I needed to hear

  • I'm still working my way through a box of 2017 vintage 🤌

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  • Waaat 😂 I thought that label was in £ for a sec

  • How does Wimbledon station concourse sustain two competing South African food shops, literally adjacent?

  • Because the area has always been rammed full of saffers.

  • two competing South African food shops, literally adjacent?

    The best place to set up a niche shop is where your potential customers are already coming to your rival. See jewellery in Hatton Garden, horology making in Clerkenwell, electronics at the bottom of TCR and furniture at the top, and many more examples just in London.

  • Yes that makes sense. I suppose it seems odder as they are actually on the main corridor between platforms and so can only sell to passengers.

  • best before

    is the key here.
    BB dates imply quality may diminish after this date
    'Use by' dates mean it may not be safe to consume after this date.

    Caveats, IANAFoodScientist, eat at your own risk, etc.

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Any question answered...

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