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  • the lock tends to be based on user inactivity. don't think there's anything special about a video.
    VLC has an option to disable screensaver during playback, so presumably it mimics some user interaction

  • Just streaming in a broswer won't stop it locking. Full screen probably would.

    I'd install this­/powertoys/ if you want to keep a Windows PC from locking.

  • presumably it mimics some user interaction

    Nah, just sets a variable. Any video player should be able to do that, and theoretically a browser could do it too when it detects a video stream, but there are reasons not to (e.g. annoying autoplay video on browser windows you've left open)

  • Should I have full screened it?

    I think that works for YouTube (and likely other tube sites) on at least some browsers

  • I'd install this­/powertoys/ if you want to keep a Windows PC from locking.

    PowerToys is probably the best option. V useful set of tools

  • Where's the best place for WordPress templates these days? I've used envato with mixed results but maybe the mixed result is trying to bodge a 60 dollar template into what I want when it should cost about two zeros more than that.

  • Mouse jiggler is also a handy app for this and doesn't require installation so can be used without needing admin rights.

    I guess it would also keep your status as available in something like MS Teams but that's something i couldn't possibly comment on.­ndows

  • Going to try that on my work PC, it locks itself after about 2 minutes which is infuriating.....

  • You can also buy hardware mouse jigglers that go in a USB port.

    In an emergency, you can also put your optical mouse on an an analogue watch.

  • I have a head tube badge that's for a slightly (not much) wider head tube than the bike i want to fix it to (it's glue not rivets so otherwise will be fine). Any ideas how i might re-shape the curve of the badge in an even and controlled manner to match the head tube ?

    (also because its glue not rivets the curve needs to match particularly well I imagine for the glue to take well)

  • Make a mandrel the same size as the new head tube, or maybe a smidge smaller to account for spring back. Tie the badge to the tube with string when you stick it down to apply even pressure for the duration of cure, as you wood for furniture repair


  • Maybe find (or sand a dowel to size) something a tad smaller diameter, get a couple of hose clamps and slowly wind 'em up.

  • Sorry for delayed reply. I made the mistake of travelling to the south west with tubs and no sealant or pump 😬

    Looks beautiful around Frome for cycling. I had an unfortunately synthetic experience, but what can you expect from a work event 🤷♂️

  • @gbj_tester @withered_preacher
    thank you both - useful ideas especially tightening over a slightly smaller tube to compensate for spring back - is the suggestion that i tighten slowly / by small increments to allow the metal time to adjust to its new position and avoid spring back?

  • Even got some spare tubs lying around! Next time you have a specifically local problem you know where to find me.

  • More to avoid any creases, I'd say.

  • is the suggestion that i tighten slowly

    No, on the time scales you're working with, metal is insensitive to the velocity of deformation. You'll get spring back, so the former needs to be smaller than the desired final size if you're reducing, and larger if you're increasing.

    If the size change is only small (e.g. from an EC34-based to tube to an EC30-based one), you are not going to have problems doing it in on step, assuming a thin ductile badge. For larger changes in some materials (mostly ones which work harden), you might have to do it in multiple stages and anneal in between, but I assume the head badge maker wasn't stupid enough to choose such a material as a base. The other potential gotcha is a badge with coloured decor, as many paints and true enamels are not ductile enough to tolerate such bending after application.

  • Cheers everyone for the helpful tips.

  • the badge looks like aluminium - its a basic shield shape and has no paint or enamel so hopefully should tolerate bending quite well.
    pic shows the gap between badge and head tube i need to close -
    the head tube is 41mm diameter - how much smaller a tube should i bend it around do you think in order to close the gap in the pic? the downtube is 40mm...a candidate perhaps?

  • Just twat it with a hammer until it stays where it's told.

  • I'd probably grab a bit of 1.5"/38mm round bar or heavy walled pipe/tube. Not particularly important what material, just get whatever is easiest to find.

  • Put a bit of tape round the top tube or down tube to protect it and use that as your former 👍

  • Does anyone know (anecdotally of course) whether you can fit a set of Tektro Rx6s over 35mm tyres plus guards (so let's say 45mm)?

  • I'm gonna go with yes, it'll be close but should be room.

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Any question answered...

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