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  • Does anyone happen to live near Port Talbot and fancy picking up a bike and posting it down to me? seller won't even entertain the idea of paisley freight annoyingly.

    Happy to pay for fuel/time costs and arrange postage down to London

  • Where in the world can I find a Sram force 10-28 cassette in stock?

  • stupid question...

    I have a TT frameset and a full (road) hydraulic groupset. hydraulic TT levers are both completely out of stock and stupidly expensive.

    GRX has a sub brake lever which is available and sensibly priced.

    How stupid would it look to flip one of these around and try it as a TT lever...
    So no brifters at all - braking via sublever, shifting via Di2 on the aero extensions on the little blip buttons

    (option b is just cable disc brakes)

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  • Question avoided, hopefully

  • How stupid would it look

    Fairly stupid, but that's not the real problem. Easiest to solve is that it fits 31.8mm bars, and TT base bars are 23.8 (or 22.2 in odd cases). Less simple is that the sub-lever has no reservoir, so you'd need to connect a remote reservoir to the inlet port. That's not going to do much for your aeros unless you route the hose through the bars and hide the reservoir between your arms.

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  • Less simple is that the sub-lever has no reservoir

    Ah, yes. That would present a problem. Think I'd assumed it was in some way similar to a MTB lever, what with the hydraulic cable being split and having an in and out port on the sub lever.
    (And I think I'll skip planning an upside-down MTB lever on the base bar)

    Why don't Shimano just do a sensibly priced hydraulic lever much like the MTB levers... ah yeah, because triathlon = stupid money. Grrr

  • Why are you slowing down on a TT anyway?

  • Triathlon. May need to avoid other triathletes…

  • I always try my hardest to do that.

  • Seems best place to ask, but anyone fancy a relatively simple Arduino/pi project over the next few days/weekend? My brother would like to make an LED lightbox flash in a morse code sequence. I've never worked on an electronics project like this, would love to get stuck in after looking over projects on Instructables etc, but I just don't have the time atm ...or the knowledge about the amount of power that will be drawing and the right type of board to use

    Can pay for your time, equipment, travel and expertise - I can put you in touch direct.
    The light box is in Hackney, just off Morning Lane, and looks like this. Deadline would be end of weekend/Monday (installation is Tues). Appreciate if anyone has any other suggestions. I've looked at programable LED banks, basic info screens, drop a monitor in with a gif animation etc, but seem a lot of cost/faff to install. Any thoughts appreciated.

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  • And he's just confirmed the LED strips are running from a 24v DC transformer, should that make a difference.

  • I have a lightweight Mountain Hardwear hiking shirt I really like for cycling in. Only thing is it's a bit long in the body.

    Anyone got any hiking shirt reccs for short torso kings like myself?

  • Over the years I've been watching prices go down but still very high. The frame is old and was cheap when I bought it.

    I have a broken hanger on a cr1 carbon frame, it is integrated. Broke around one of the screw holes. I am convinced I might not even have to repair it and could use it but also convinced I could make a glue out of CF dust and whatever resin I need.
    Can I do this? Whats the worst that could happen, change gear and wheel falls off?

    I'm trying to find pics but I'm at work.

  • You might get an answer in the Raspberry π thread, try there as well

  • Ahhh cool, thank you. I’d searched for ‘pi’ but not ‘π’ - appreciated.

  • 👍🏽
    I almost just wrote pi then thought I'd better grab the symbol

  • What’s the forum approved best BB to fit SRAM Force 1 cranks GXP with a Press Fit 86 size?

    Something durable with good weather sealing for CX/grav use? Ta

  • Back in the day, when we lived in simpler times, I would have distinguished between low end and higher end digital cameras by referring to them as either compact cameras or DSLR cameras.

    Now that mirrorless cameras are a thing, what should I call the higher end cameras? Those that allow you to interchange lenses etc.

  • High end mirrorless cameras
    Medium Format Mirrorless if sensor size is bigger than "Full Frame" 36x24mm

  • You call them mirrorless or DSLR! There isn't a commonly used term which encompasses both of them.

  • I just go with "camera" or "fancy camera"

  • High end mirrorless cameras

    Sorry, I meant the word that signifies the two categories combined; Mirrorless + DSLR.

    10 years ago I would just have said DSLR to mean 'higher end camera that lets you change lenses' but I guess that now there must be another word for this category.

  • Just call em DSLRs. Everyone knows what you mean and only photographers care that SLRs have mirrors

  • Everyone knows what you mean

    Except anybody who knows what the abbreviation SLR stands for😏

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Any question answered...

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