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  • get some decks out and smash out some tunes

    eg in Hyde Park


  • All good points. Seemed like a great idea after a skin full last night πŸ˜†

  • Do it in South Norwood Country Park , there's no-one around to complain.

  • Interesting! It looks legit.
    Do you need a very good inkjet printer?
    I have a very basic inkjet printer

  • I need to get some Arabic sweets (baklava safest bet?) delivered as a present to someone in E16. Any recommendations?

  • in E16

    I expect there's somewhere good closer, but my end of town Maroush will sort you out.

  • A basic one is fine.

    You'll probably have to adjust the colour in the printer settings before you get the exact shade you want. The decals come out of the printer looking quite dark, but they get lighter when you slide them off the paper. It's just trial and error. Easy to waste half a sheet before it comes out right.

  • I don’t have an answer, but I wish I could shut up the local happy clappy church. On Sundays they sometimes amp up so much I can hear every word - and they are 150m away and the sound path is obstructed by buildings.

  • Lazy question, I did Google briefly but got distracted.
    Flat Mount forks and IS calipers? Is there an adaptor? And will it affect what size rotor I can use? (Intend to go 160)

    I have some old MTB cable disc Tektros I may sling on a fixed project I am thinking about, temporarily until I can afford to get some FM hydro on it.
    Fairly sure they are IS mount.
    Forks I am looking at have FM disc tabs which I have zero familiarity with.

  • There is but it's ugly and if the fork has internal routing it can be a tight angle for cable brakes to feel any good, also are you running long pull levers with them?

  • Will be flat bars, external routing too.

    Might have a rogue set of Hayes somewhere, with post mount fixings, may sequester those as FM to PM seems to be easier to find.

  • Still hideous especially on the front, looks like one of those Lauff (correct?) forks!

  • Sounds like you've just ridden shit or badly set up discs, hydraulics
    are pretty much fit and forget. If you're just doing roady/fixie shit
    then a good rim brake is plenty good enough, just not as good.

    No, I don't have any bikes with discs. Worked on plenty as a mechanic though, during their introduction to road bikes. Some of what I witnessed would've been down to teething issues, but the rest just goes with discs.

    Some folks will never experience a single issue for sure, but when you do get an issue it can be a proper PITA, unlike with rim brakes where just about any drama is a piece of piss to sort, if dramas with rim brakes were even a thing.

  • grumpy middle aged man alert.

    Same here I guess

  • re: not a smart-smart watch

    thanks all - the amazfit bip seems to fit the bill, i'll take a look at those.

    wirthings was a good shout too - i like the look of an analogue face + smart features.

  • Any got experience of replacing handbrake cable on a Skoda roomster / Fabia?

    My self-adjusting yoke is being pulled at such an angle that the cable is pulling out of it, bodged with a zip-tie for now, don't worry I'm not driving it like this!

    My question is whether this can be fixed without completely replacing the cables? Looking at the part and a few videos it doesn't seem like there's anywhere to adjust tension - they just have welded ferrules on both ends.

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  • I had the same with my VW earlier this year. The issue might not lie with the cable, but instead with the handbrake mechanism by the rear calliper that provides tension to the cable. Corrosion usually prevents it from returning back to its proper position, resulting in the slack cable.Β­R7I

    Could also be an issue with the calliper itself.

  • You adjust tension using the nut the yoke sits against, but tightening this will only increase the tension in the offside cable too...

  • Cheers, I hadn't thought of that, and it seems likely that's the problem. Either that or it's snapped further down the line. If I can get access to the back of the caliper with the car where it is I might try a careful squirt of penetrating oil and see if it frees it up for a bit.

  • Has anyone used 105 hydraulic and Hope RX4 brakes? Is it worth switching? I have some Hopes in my parts box but can’t summon the energy to make the change.

    I heard someone say the Hopes were a bit too grabby for drop levers? I dunno

  • Dibs

  • On which? I’m likely to stick with 105 callipers and shift the RX4s, which are BNWOB (inculding bleed kit and gubbins).

    …unless someone tells me the RX4s are amazing. I Actually prefer the neat appearance of the 105 callipers and they’ve stopped me fine so far.

  • They are amazing but stopping is stopping.
    If they're new I shall rescind my dibs as I can get trade price

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Any question answered...

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