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  • Have you tried to pair to it?

    No, because they’re currently sitting in front of it.

  • Reckon you'd initially be sending a prompt requesting access.

    Had one from my neighbour last year. I wasn't curious or weird enough to accept.

  • How do you know?..

  • Computer Misuse Act 1990 says you aren't allowed to.

  • Open my front door to see a bloke standing in the road taking a photo of our neighbour opposites's van. He then goes to the van and takes a sheet of paper off the windscreen, then walks back to a somewhat bling car (parked across another neighbour's driveway), a BMW 330I M SPORT AUTO (2021 apparently). He clocks that I'm looking at him as I walk down the street, he then goes to the boot, then gets in the car and drives off.

    Felt a bit weirded out by this.

    Anyone want to speculate on what was he doing?

  • Leaving a note, getting evidence of the note, then helping the note to become "lost"? Wild guess...

  • What’s the rules around requesting cctv- in this case from a supermarket’s camera pointing at the street? Do I need to get police involved in some way?

  • Are you in the footage?

  • I imagine I would be. I want the footage from when I leave shot and then come back

  • Do I need to get police involved in some way?

    Essentially yes, because a CCTV operator complying with the ICO code of practice will not provide images to any third party other than law enforcement. If you're not in the images you're requesting (I'm assuming this relates to your previous lorry on pavement issue), then you're a third party.

  • You can only get the footage you are in. The police can get it all but may be too slow and it may already have been deleted so it is worth contacting the CCTV operator and asking them to preserve it.

  • Thanks, even the footage I’m in could be worthwhile getting. It’ll show me happy as Larry with a fully functional bike and no HGV then when I’m next in shot I’ll be dragging my bike around unable to ride it with HGV on pavement.

  • Assuming you're not using carbon rims, I've been using Kool Stop Dura 2 (the salmon ones) for years based on a recommendation on here. I've been very happy with them!

  • Thanks!

    Not that anyone asked - but it’s good to rant. I called yesterday and the request was denied by the store. They went on to tell me they’ve ‘all watched it’ and the vehicle categorically did not make contact with the bicycle. But they can’t offer any clues as to what did happen... Did suggest that maybe it was vandalised, right. But nothing to back that up on the cctv? No.

    I mean it’s not impossible but why would someone come and twist my handlebars round 90 degrees? Requires a lot of force and it’s a busy street, not to mention there’s a delivery vehicle parking there and supposedly members of staff guiding it into place. All in the 10 minutes from locking up to coming back.

    Not going to bother chatting to the shop anymore as I’m dealing with customer service / claims group, and have asked the footage to be handed over to me to view for myself.

    Tl/dr the shop is being shady asf. Or just have a shit attitude- maybe both, I don’t know.

  • Tesco, yes? Their CEO's email address is

  • the vehicle categorically did not make contact with the bicycle

    I once saw a Coop delivery truck hit a cast iron bollard and snap it clean in twain. Driver just carried on as if nothing had happened.

  • Let’s say I buy a frame off eBay from Germany for £400.

    Any finger in the air estimates on additional customs charges I may incur on that?



    reckons £80 VAT and that is it, but you'll probably get £20 charge on top from the courier for their bit for paying the charges on your behalf

  • Thanks vm exactly what I was looking for.

  • Are there any CCTV cameras on the opposite side of the road?

  • Im going through the student finace process with OU. The course starts in April.
    I've also been accepted to be funded for a 4 week course before April through something entirely different, I just need to click the link and confirm who I am.
    Whilst applying both places ask if Im currently studying anywhere else for 'free'. I am now worried that I will only be able to do one, I would rather do the OU degree. In my mind they are'nt running concurrently so I fit the criteria but I really dont want to jeopardize the degree for the 4 week course so I havent accepted it and only have 7 days before I will have to restart that process again.

    Can I do the funded 4 week course now AND be accepted for funding for my 3 year degree at OU starting in April, seperate institutions?


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Any question answered...

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