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  • What are these plastic clips called? I want to add some to a pair of gloves but my Google fu is weak.

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  • This bugs me. Any whole number can be written as the product of primes, but can any given whole number be written as the product of only one set of primes? If so, why? I can't intuit why that must be true.

    Because no two different sets of prime numbers multiply to give the same result.
    At any intermediate step, if you're at a point where a number could be broken in more than one way then that step would be a product of one or more non-prime numbers.

    I'm not sure I can quite explain it, though I'm fairly sure I know why :D

  • Laka is great, usually the cheapest by a good margin, easy to deal with and happy to pay out. Also easy to add bikes which aren't just an OTP Boardman.

  • Are there any websites like The Wirecutter but for TVs in the UK? Not looking for something with all the bells and whistles but just good picture quality (think IPS monitor) and HDMI for a PS4 as the brains. Don't mind secondhand, which maybe factors in too.

  • Look pedals.

    I’ve always just bought classics / whatever’s on offer etc. But now I think I need a new pair, any noticeable difference if I was to get any of the fancier ones?

    Classics, sprint, classic plus, max, max carbon, blade, blade carbon ceramic…. How many times can they make the same thing?

  • How many times can they make the same thing?

    Video games thread sends its commiserations.

  • any noticeable difference if I was to get any of the fancier ones?

    Blades definitely feel different from the classical coil-spring design, but only on entry/exit. If you're happy with Classic, none of the other options offers anything you need except higher prices and insta likes. If you want stiffer release, get sprints or blades with stiff springs. If you want better support to resist pronation/supination, get one of the max types which have a wider platform. If you just want better pedals, get Shimano SPD-SL

  • Okay thanks, maybe I want stiffer release (sounds rude). I might try sprints, they look budget friendly. Feel like I’ve got too much play in one of my pedals at the moment despite tightening.

    (Shimano - I don’t need more options! And I want to be compatible across all bikes)

  • I have blades on one of my bikes and I changed the springs to the stiffer ones as I didn't like the ones which were like spring onions. Entry is not always achieved at first attempt.

  • have blades on one of my bikes and I changed the springs to the stiffer ones

    There are 3 rates for OG Blades, 12Nm (yellow) is like Classics turned all the way up, 16Nm (red) is like Sprints turned all the way up, and 20Nm is for people who want to colour match a blue bike 🙂 I think there is also an 8Nm (silver) spring for Blade2, which is like a Keo Easy

  • Mine go back a few years at a time when there were only two options available. I've just looked, and they have '12' on the underside. I have Keos on two of the other bikes.

  • I can’t get to it to measure right now, but would anyone know the clamp diameter on these old charge branded stems?

    Would 24mm be weird?

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  • Bar clamp - 25.4

  • Great thanks, was hoping so.

    (I thought the brake levers were 24mm clamp, and the handlebar looked uniform width through the clamp).

  • the handlebar looked uniform width through the clamp

    The change from stem clamp diameter to lever clamp diameter can be almost anywhere along the bar between the two points, ranging from old school Cinelli etc. with a ferrule not much wider than the stem to Pro Vibe bars which are 31.8 all the way to first corner.

  • Does anyone recognise this cycle trailer hitch? It’s missing the part that attaches to the bike so trying to source it. Haven’t got it in front of me for more pictures or measurements yet..

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  • Anyone come across Steed Bikes?

    Not sure if any good or this generations Foffa

  • Given they spec their chains as made of steel (what bike chains aren’t?) and most of the components are not branded I guess they are the new foffa.

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  • Planting trees and a lifetime warranty is, erm, an upgrade maybe. Wonder what the bikes are like

  • I've gone for belt drive so technically..... ;

  • well technically thats a belt not a chain...

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Any question answered...

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