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  • Yeah ignore what I said there. I was thinking of new chainset with older front derailleurs, which I've found more of a problem - derailleur not moving far enough outboard.

  • What if the food waste was never made into bioLPG...would it have another eco-friendly life as compost? Or would it go to a landfill site and emit methane, which is Bad?

    This is a complicated lifecycle. Short answer to the methane question is yes.

    In landfill, domestic compost or industrial composting without methane recovery, the organic matter breaks down and emits methane directly into the atmosphere. Methane holds around 20 times as much heat as CO2, so it is a much stronger greenhouse gas (GHG). It stays in the atmosphere for a few years until it breaks down into CO2, where it then sits in the atmosphere until it is reabsorbed by plants or the sea.

    Industrial composting with methane recovery, like sewage processing, captures the methane from the process, cleans it up and uses it either for heat or power generation. It 'saves' you using some fossil fuels. The GHG benefit comes from less methane in the atmosphere and less fossil fuel used. The CO2 emitted by directly burning 1kg of this methane is about the same as burning 1kg of natural gas. The CO2 saving, therefore, is the difference between that minus the energy or CO2 you put in (or lost) to make the process work.

    There is also the matter of what else you would do with the sheer tonnage of food waste generated by the population. If it can be separated out from domestic rubbish and diverted from landfill, as it is, it can be re-used instead of wasted. I'm pretty sure the leftovers from industrial composting, like cake from the sewage process, are then used for farm compost.

  • Thank you. In what ways can it be reused?

  • has anyone heard any rumblings about 11 speed microspline compatible cassettes?

  • You probably release as much CO2 as if you burnt petrol.

    Point being the food-plants pulled that CO2 out of the atmosphere last year and now it's going back. The plants that made your petrol (more likely animals that ate the plants etc) pulled the CO2 out of the atmosphere millions of years ago and if we didn't drill it up it would be still stored nicely in the ground.

  • So that makes petrol as carbon neutral as bioLPG!

  • I'll take this if possible?

  • so sorry to ask, have looked for an answer first but not clear. I’m having difficulty setting up my 6800 11spd front mech on my otherwise 10spd double drivetrain. It shifts nicely but the dibbed in bit of the outer plate is rubbing when in big ring- littlest cog and i can’t get the mech to swing any further out than it already is, seemingly regardless of stop position or cable tension. Does this mean it’s a big fat no?

  • plants that made your petrol (more likely animals that ate the plants etc) pulled the CO2 out of the atmosphere millions of years ago

    During the dinosaur age, CO2 in the atmosphere dropped from about 2000ppm (lots, leading to 10-12C higher global mean surface temperature than now) to about 400ppm (about where we are now). I think the implications are clear - the climate change people are trying to avoid can best be avoided by reintroducing dinosaurs 🙂

  • As birds are our remaining dinosaurs, ornithologists will be delighted (just so long as Rod Hull and his emu glove puppet remain extinct).

  • Yeah totally.
    I also still have a handful of polo stuff for you bit that's in my garage.
    Send me a PM

  • birds are our remaining dinosaurs

    But birds aren't real. It looks like the biome associated with sauropods probably did the heavy lifting in terms of CO2 sequestration

  • The least money? Lifeline’s rear triangle stand. Might need some adjusting if you have a very narrow rear triangle, but it’s a tenner and takes up little space. You’d have to crouch down or put the bike on a table to adjust rear derailleur though.

  • Struggling to find the jigsaw blade I need. Can anyone help?

    It's for an old B&D, so U fitment. But I want lots of teeth that cut on both up and down strokes. It's going to be used on wood and chipboard...

    ...probably in a scenario where a jigsaw isn't the correct tool.


  • U fitment

    This sort of thing?

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  • I don't think you can get up and down cut on the same blade, I've only seen one or the other. Up cutters for general purpose or down cutters for laminate etc, and various tooth sizes from coarse to fine. Screwfix probably have the fitment you need, but I think the biggest selection of blades will be bayonet fitting. Just get a selection. I end up with 4 sets of blades: coarse cut, fine cut, down cut and metal blades.

  • Tape an up and down cut together.

  • Cheers.

    @Eseman - yeah but it's the type of teeth/cutting that I'm struggling with in combination with the fitting.

    None of the obvious sites seem to have sensible filters and the widest range is for the bayonet fittings.

  • That's a bloody stupid idea, gorilla glue is far better and any left over can be used to stick large primates to things.

  • Anyone read What Colour is your Parachute (circa 2021)? Worthwhile for career changers? Any other books of interest?

  • Many of you probably have seen the blue tyres on leasing bikes from Swapfiets already - or during the TdF in that matter. Where can I get one of those? Preferably in 25 mm

  • Need a hotel room, central Bristol for two people, tonight.

    LastMinute and Expedia have nothing much. Any other suggestions on where to search?

  • Have you checked directly on hotel websites? A couple of large Marriotts, premier Inn etc in centre

    Edit: looks like Radisson blu has rooms available

  • Thanks

    I can get some rooms - but more than I was expecting to pay. But maybe £150 for two isnt unreasonable. It's been probably 8 years since I last booked a hotel.

  • Video projectors..

    ..looking for a cheap projector that is able to throw very 'basic', static images (think high contrast images, or even just outlines) on a canvas (for tracing, to save time with the preparatory drawing of large paintings).

    So it's not about watching movies, it does not need to be super bright (will stay indoors, connected to the mains at all times), but I guess a high resolution will be helpful (what I'll essentially be doing is looking at the projected image from very close, and would need to have clear / sharp lines), also it should be able to project a, say, 2m wide image while only being 4m away from the canvas (not sure if that's even possible), and should do so without distorting things too much.

    I know nothing about projectors, and googling only gives me info regarding home cinema use etc.

    Any suggestions appreciated..

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Any question answered...

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