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  • Passport control in Ireland will check your nhs covid pass and passenger locator form(online very easy to do). Venues , pubs, restaurants will also check the covid passes.

  • Is it possible to use, for example, DA 7400 road cranks with a modern Shimano 11sp front and rear derailleur? I have absolutely no clue about anything with gears so hopefully that's not a stupid question.

  • DA 7400

    Will probably work. In theory, 7400 only goes up to 8-speed so the rings are 3/32", not the 11/128" of 9-speed and up, but in practice most 7/8-speed rings and sprockets will run 9/10/11-speed chain without issues. If you do have trouble, you can easily get aftermarket 9-speed rings to fit 7400 cranks.

  • Where to look for a heavyweight cashmere dressing gown?

  • Hanging on the back of the bedroom door? Always start with the most obvious place 🙂

  • Ah okay that makes sense. So with modern chainrings on the cranks, the distance between the front and rear chainring with be the same (or similar enough) to work with a modern derailleur? and chainline should be fine and all that kind of stuff? Thanks for the help by the way.

  • I have a caad12 frame with a BB30 bottom bracket.
    I have an existing GXP crankset I’d like to fit.

    I’ve seen you can buy an English adaptor, which apparently has the added benefit of reducing creaking. Would the additional width of the external BB pose issues with Q factor? Am I making this needlessly complicated? Cheers :)

  • it seems the number of options for bike work stands has gone from choosing between the lidl/aldi special or the park one to about eleventy thousand different brands/models.

    for the least money I can get away with what's a good option for something I can chuck in the garden that will allow me to fettle and clean my bike without it falling on my head or needing adjusting every 2 mins?

  • Would the additional width of the external BB pose issues with Q factor?

    It won't make any difference. The Q factor is determined by the crank spindle length.

    Is the frame genuine BB30 or PF30? If it's PF30 an alternative would be a screw-together PF30>GXP BB. I have a Praxis Converter PF30>GXP BB going spare if you're interested. They work well in my experience with no creakage.

  • Be aware, caad12 is BB30a, not bb30. It is asymmetric and wider than BB30. There are adapters, just make sure you get the right one

  • the distance between the front and rear chainring with be the same (or similar enough) to work with a modern derailleur?

    No, in short.

  • So would have to be a 1x setup?
    If you have the time, I'd be interested to know why.

  • Totally disagree. The differences between them are microscopic and make zero difference to real world operation, especially given a double front mech is far from a precision instrument.

  • I have a decathlon one which seems fine

  • HatBeard - I have this one and it works very well.­g-bike-workstand

  • That's the Lidl one, not that there's anything wrong with that but could be cheaper there.

  • I'll be shifting my Lidl one soon, I got it on here ages ago.
    Probably worth a tenner, but collection only from SE

  • Looks a lot like a used version of that "lifeline" one.

  • Try
    It’s the best price/quality in the U.K. IMO

  • i've left london now unfortunately.

  • Ah ok, well congratulations.

  • lol

  • I seem to remember the last time cheap bike workstands were discussed, the conclusion was "two legs good, four legs bad"

    I have the two-legs and it's alright. Can't remember why the forum concluded it was preferable to the four-leg model though.

    Maybe 4 legs good, 2 legs better?

  • How eco-friendly is it to burn bioLPG? It's claimed to be green because it's almost carbon neutral, because it's made of food waste, i.e. dead plants, which absorbed CO2 before they were harvested. But then you release that CO2 when if you burn the fuel. You probably release as much CO2 as if you burnt petrol. So, assuming for a moment that local pollution is not a factor beacause you're not in a city, is bioLPG actually green? What if the food waste was never made into bioLPG...would it have another eco-friendly life as compost? Or would it go to a landfill site and emit methane, which is Bad?

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Any question answered...

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