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  • Get iplayer works for me on windows
    here are a few samples of what you need to put in

    get_iplayer --subtitles-only --get b0074ptx

    get_iplayer --subtitles --get b09b1zbb

    get_iplayer --subtitles-only --pid p0954mm5

    get_iplayer --pid=b03lnswn

    get_iplayer --subtitles --get b0082fjd

    get_iplayer --url="­078tqd/the-mother"

    get_iplayer --url="­00ybs7/olympics-day-2-red-button-0400080­0?seriesId=b00cmh07-9-day-2"

  • It's just my network I think - I've been having some trouble lately and it downloads very slowly for some reason - less than 1 per cent completed. It's an episode of top gear, rather a section on it about electric vehicles.

    This one­011vp0/top-gear-series-31-episode-2

  • Slow is normal, if it's started just leave it and come back later.

  • It's at 0.3 per cent after a 25 mins : ) need to have the bits I need trimmed by midday ideally.

    That said I've just connected to a hotspot from my phone over wifi and am now at 16 per cent, so I live in hope.

    edit: 11:09 = 25 per cent.

    edit: 11:10 = 28 pc

    edit: 11:11 = 35 pc

    i could go on, etc

  • I'm going on.

    11:20 = 70pc

  • Worked for me. I've got 2.2Gig of 1280x720 MPEG4. Can put it somewhere if wanted.

    They still do bits to camera while driving on public roads which pisses me off.

  • Got it but appreciate you having a go and more importantly having to do endure watching some of it.

  • Wondering if someone can help me.

    I have a small video production company and have just finished a ground-up rebrand. I would like to send around an email to our existing client list, informing them of the rebrand - "we were X, we are now Y" etc - a 1 pager explainer really. I'd like it to have:

    A coloured background and coloured text, utilizing brand colours
    Brand logo placement
    Text copy
    Embedded YT/ Vimeo link of showreel

    I've done some digging and the best thing to use would be a HTML email/ e-newsletter of sorts? I've had a muck around with a few email marketing services that allow you to edit templates but they all have a limited font choice. The closest I've come to getting what I want was actually with Canva. However, I am using a font from a local designer that nobody else will have it. Is it true that HTML emails require the recipient to have the font of the email installed, or that the font choice for HTML emails is quite limited?

    Any steer here would be greatly appreciated. Or even to tell me I'm barking up the wrong tree with this HTML email malarky and that there is a better method to use.

  • Got a mystery backpack in a charity shop - no name or volume or anything, just a logo anyone know the brand? Beats me.

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    • 20211124_170830.jpg
  • Can anyone confirm if a 9-speed SRAM X0 derailleur indexes correctly on a 10-speed cassette with a 10-speed SRAM X0 shifter? (and vice versa 10-speed derailleur indexes correctly on a 9-speed cassette with a 9-speed shifter)? They are both 1:1 Exact Actuation so I think they are cross-compatible. However, here suggests the derailleur shift ratio is different between the two.

    I had this hairbrained idea that I might transplant the ratchet out of a smashed 10-speed X0 shifter into my 9-speed X0 shifter and then all my geared bikes can share wheels and cassettes because they'll all be 10-speed.

  • both 1:1 Exact Actuation

    All good then.

  • SRAM 1:1 and SRAM Exact Actuation are different. If one says 1:1 and the other says Exact, they probably won't work. In general SRAM 9 is incompatible with SRAM 10 (although there may be some odd bits that work together)

  • Yeah, sorry, they've got to say the exact same thing to work, there's also X actuation which is different. Basically if it says the same actuation it's fine, if it says similar actuation it's not.

  • Edited out. Chatting shit

  • SRAM 1:1 and SRAM Exact Actuation are different. If one says 1:1 and the other says Exact, they probably won't work. In general SRAM 9 is incompatible with SRAM 10

    Yeah I feared that would be the case, so it won't be a direct swap.

  • here suggests the derailleur shift ratio is different between the two.

    Fuck knows then

  • No, Yeah, I think the cable pull and derailleur ratio are different between 9-speed and 10-speed even though it's called the same thing. It's really as clear as mud from the marketing specs, but I think the Arts Cyclery article is correct.

  • If you've got a niche font, you'll typically end up using it in a banner and providing alt text to describe what is in for those people using plain text email.

  • where can one buy fire retardant/treatment for wood? the clear stuff that soaks in - surprised not to see it at the usual B&Q, Wickes etc. Screwfix have some for fabric but that's it as far as I can see.

  • Passport expires on 12th Jan

    Can I travel to Ireland for new years, back on the 1st?

    Assume its fine due to the common travel area but dont want to get stuck in Ireland

  • There is no requirement by the Uk or Irish state for a passport but you need Id for flight / boat and some firms insist on a passport. I can’t see how they could refuse travel if the passport is valid and there’s no need to present one for immigration control. Aer Lingus and Ryanair have never checked mine in any depth either, just checking photo is me and name matches boarding pass (Ryanair’s t&cs actually exclude Uk Ireland travel needing the extra three months validity).
    I’ve never been asked for a passport on arrival in Uk, and by plane you bypass passport controls anyway.

  • great suggestion, thanks

  • Great thanks, going to a wedding but don't have any Irish family or frequent fliers to Ireland so thats what I needed to hear.

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Any question answered...

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