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  • @coventry_eagle check your messages! I need to order some films, be cool to sort for you.

  • Can anyone recommend a contact-lenses-by-post service they like? I've previously been with Boots née D&A but they make it a pain in the arse to adjust supply rate, which with WFH I need to do often.

  • Specsavers is fine. You can skip deliveries online which makes it easy to adjust.

  • I'm planning on getting one of those big, inflatable double mattresses for guests. The ones that are as high as a normal bed. Does anyone have any particular brand that they recommend?

  • Metal - thanks for the lead but found this guy making them on eBay who is making me one today which will be in the post ASAP as a temporary fix:­var=581815641798

  • Why not just order a couple online

    I will - had no idea that page was there!

    He didn't have anything that sophisticated when I ordered hubs from him 12 years ago.

  • I know there are a fair few programmers on here, and I've lost my brain a bit today.
    I have a cell array, from which- thanks to Signal Labeller, I have to individually name each component as a .mat file before I can import it into the above app.
    If anyone knows how I could do it without creating a fucktonne of files- I'd be very grateful)
    How do I put it into sequentially labelled .mat files? (ideally sat at the end of that for loop).

    myfolder=('ECG normal')
    filePattern = fullfile(myfolder, '*.mat');
    matFiles = dir(filePattern);
    for k = 1:length(matFiles)
      baseFileName = matFiles(k).name;
      fullFileName = fullfile(myfolder, baseFileName);
      matData(k) = load(fullFileName);

    Thanks in advance.

  • You can order any quantity/size/colour from Earth Positive

    Could you elaborate a bit on this? I have an Earth Positive tshirt from a record label which I quite like the quality of, wouldn't mind just wearing some of their stuff plain if I could get it...

  • You can setup an account on Continental, think it takes 24hrs to register, then the Earth Positive range is here;­e?collectionId=5550dab4a14c9766418ff2af
    No minimum quantity, but there's incremental scale costings, and I seem to recall v quick delivery.

  • Now that black friday is coming up and weather is getting colder, what's the go-to gloves for daily commuting? Let's say in a sub 50€ range - I really don't know how much to spend on gloves.
    Not too big, so I can easily store them in my jacket, but warm enough that my hands won't die during a 20min commute.

  • GripGrab Waterproof Knitted Thermal gloves are not too bulky.

  • Oh and very basic touchscreen functionality would be nice, too

  • There's a thread for winter gloves. There's a thread for everything.­86/

  • Strapless bib shorts?

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  • Perhaps you could wear braces with them (like we used to) and turn them into bib shorts.

  • Next they’ll add a torso and call it a strapless full body cycling bib short.

  • Strapless

    Well, we know what you were googling when you stumbled upon those

  • Bras? No, I was looking for a head-to-toe adidas x Marrimekko cycling ensemble, but they only do caps.

  • For the non githubby among us, how would I download a video from iplayer that I could bring into some video editing software to take a few seconds from.

    I've seen this but my brain is mush:­er/find/master

  • If on Windows then you could use the in-built gaming toolbar thing

  • get-iplayer is somewhat tedious to install on linux because the packages are always out of date, but windows looks straightforward:­er/wiki/windows

  • Told you my brain was mush - looks perfect thanks.

    edit: tried to get the episode in question and it just times out suggesting an error with my network (which i fully believe). any known drm removal tools for downloading via the iplayer app?
    I'll read about the built in gaming toolbar thing from @eskay too

  • x box gaming bar thing says recording features aren't available for desktop/file explorer.

  • What are you after? I have a get_iplayer that usually works and a place I could put a copy.

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Any question answered...

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